ADVS Technologies Is Pleased to Introduce Its Patented Modular Power Distribution and Control System

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The Patent No. US 8,341,837 describes electrical power distribution technology significantly improving quality while reducing amount of time and costs associated with installation of power distribution for residential housings by utilizing pre-fabricated Plug-n-Power™ kits specifically designed per respective housing construction drawings.

Plug-n-Power™ Switch to next generation of Power Distribution Systems

Superior level of quality, safety and efficiency for every power distribution installation regardless of size, complexity, location or time schedule… environmentally friendly as no waste produced during installation.

ADVS-technologies has created a group named Plug-n-Power™ Distribution Systems on the popular social media platform LinkedIn, to encourage individuals to share their thoughts and ideas of the new patented technology.

The existing methods of electrical wiring of residential and commercial structures has fallen drastically behind the progress attained in other areas of construction. Existing methods of wiring AC electrical power, such as the installation time, installation quality, reliability, repeatability and end-result safety of installations - depends heavily on hi-skill manual labor. Currently, every power wire has to be stripped on both ends and then attached to tie-grip connectors. This operation is time consuming, and to verify the quality of each connection is nearly impossible. As result, sections of the stripped wires with high AC voltages are being exposed, and the quality of their connections is not guaranteed. Although located “behind the walls”, the quality of connections is a great concern, since it may get loose during vibrations, such as minor earthquakes, etc., and as result presents a potential fire hazard. The current process is not environmentally friendly as produced waste in a form of stripped cable insulation needs to be disposed of after installation.

Additionally, the existing electrical power panels are not “user-friendly”, and require costly maintenance. Potentially poor quality of AC connections within a “rusty” panel will lower power efficiency (increasing energy costs), and can increase EMI, depending on the load being connected.

The existing power entry and power distribution methods do not provide convenient on-site power monitoring and diagnostics to inform the end user of potential problems that may affect the energy usage and costs.

ADVS-technologies has recognized this issue, and addresses it heads on.

“The patented ADVS-plug-n-power™ distribution technology”, according to inventor Zack Braunstein, “represents a significant step forward, delivering superior level of quality, safety and efficiency for every power distribution installation regardless of size, complexity, location or time schedule.”

The patented invention describes apparatus for designing and installing power distribution systems for: residential, commercial and industrial applications, as well as for power distribution within electro-mechanical devices. The invention transforms existing labor-intense installations into practically plug-and-power type modular systems. For a specific project, pre-designed, fabricated and tested kit, including factory assembled and tested: power and control enclosures, power outlets and junction boxes, interface cables, as specified by the invention, will be delivered directly to the installation site. No labor intense operations: wire stripping, outlet/switch wiring, junction box wiring, load wiring. No exposed hot wires or leads at any point outside enclosure. The invention will: significantly lower labor costs, reduce installation time, and improve safety, reliability and quality. Utilization of shielded cables and shielding of other components within a system, will significantly lower electrical power emissions, benefiting the environment for all – the end users and other technologies. The patented process is environmentally friendly as no waste produced during installation.

About ADVS-technologies:

ADVS-technologies is a young and ambitious company specializing in the development of innovative proprietary technologies with an extensive portfolio of patented technology in the areas of illumination systems, power distribution systems, pharmacy, store automation, and transport systems. The objective of ADVS-technologies is to provide effective and efficient environmentally friendly solutions with the intent of improving quality of services.

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