TrackingPoint CEO Releases Expert Opinion On The Future of War

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Smart Rifle CEO and decorated veteran releases expert opinion on company vision for the future battlefield.

Future of War

Future of War

We have also conceived of a new era of warfare over the next few decades - complete with both threats and countermeasures that have yet to be invented – and have a vision for how smart weapons technology will play a significant role.

TrackingPoint™ recently released their "Future of War" project where a promotional video and microsite showcased new technology ideas related to how TrackingPoint Smart Rifle™ project will change the modern battlefield into one where data plays an increased role. Shortly after, TrackingPoint's CEO Jason Schauble released his expert opinion on the topic as part of the promotional campaign, discussing how TrackingPoint as a company is investing in the ideas and technology necessary to change the future of combat.

"We live in a time of disruptive technologies, where frequent advances change the world so fast we barely remember what it was like before. As TrackingPoint has disrupted traditional small arms and optics technologies with the smart rifle by combining target tracking, sensor arrays, and ballistic computation with integrated firing systems, we have also conceived of a new era of warfare over the next few decades - complete with both threats and countermeasures that have yet to be invented – and have a vision for how smart weapons technology will play a significant role.

"At TrackingPoint, collaboration is in our company DNA - shooters, veterans, engineers, and inventors sit side by side everyday mapping out our vision of the future and the products that will give hunters and shooters and those that serve our nation a competitive edge. We started this business by democratizing extreme distance accuracy and allowing shooters to share their experience in near real time via streaming video and prove their shots with recorded videos with smart rifles. As we unveiled our technology to hundreds of commercial and government end users, we received critical feedback on how to maximize the use of smart rifle technology in the full spectrum of current and future military and law enforcement operating environments. Based on that feedback, we are further investing in low light and night capabilities, wind sensing, and geo-location modules to make smart weapons more capable as well as expanding our offerings over time to include a greater variety of actions, calibers, and shooting systems.

"Yet smart rifle technology is more than just making shooters more accurate – it can form the core platform for a networked battlefield with its internal sensors, computing power, and communication architecture. Dynamic, interactive common operating pictures using something as simple a commercial off the shelf tablet, inter and intra-squad target handoff, a constant stream of near real time critical data running between squad members, units, and command structures – these are no longer concepts drawn from science fiction or the latest video game – these are real capabilities that are months not years away. Just as GPS changed warfare at the turn of the century, the next changes will occur via smart weapons at the small unit level where massive increases in baseline lethality and situational awareness with the least amount of training will be possible.

"Our first set of ideas on the networked battlefield are contained in a new microsite on our ShotMade Blog, complete with a live action video teaser showcasing new prototypes and capabilities. As the feedback loop continues on, and as we develop new concepts, this will grow into a place where we can show you updates and concepts of some of the most interesting work related to our technology yet, and provide insight into the process of growing a company's vision into reality.

"Future concepts will include ways in which firing systems can achieve minimal to no muzzle velocity deviation shot over shot, ways in which small arms munitions and delivery systems can be designed to defeat armored unmanned threats from the air, ground, and sea, and ways in which emerging image recognition technologies can integrate with the networked battlefield concept."

Smart rifles employ target tracking, a Heads-Up Display, and advanced fire control technology to amplify shooting precision at long range by eliminating the most common sources of shooter error, including aim, trigger jerk, and shot setup miscalculation. Regardless of skill level or experience, smart rifles significantly increase first shot success probability when compared to traditional technology, even at extreme ranges of 1,200 yards or more. More than just a scope, smart rifles are fully integrated systems based on standard caliber bolt action or semi-automatic rifles with a Networked Tracking Scope, Guided Trigger and precision conventional ammunition. Onboard wireless technology allows smart rifles to connect with local and wide area networks to deliver voice, video and data to mobile devices and various communication networks. These technologies allow shooters to be more accurate, engage multiple targets at unknown ranges quickly, track and engage moving targets, and communicate via command and control networks. Smart rifles are available to purchase via the TrackingPoint website.

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