FOX News Does Live Broadcast From TrackingPoint Smart Rifle Facility

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Casey Stegall and Team Report Live From Smart Rifle Facility in Austin

TrackingPoint XS1

TrackingPoint XS1

The team reported live that day, and the lead reporter discussed hitting shots at 1000 yards on his first trip to the range with a smart rifle.

On Wednesday October 16th, as the clocks ticked toward the potential debt crisis, a team of FOX News reporters was inside TrackingPoint's™ state of the art technical facility, seeing first hand how the smart rifles that have disrupted the entire firearms industry are made and tested. The team reported live that day, and the lead reporter discussed hitting shots at 1000 yards on his first trip to the range with a smart rifle. The segment debuted on "The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson" and can be found on FOX News Insider, the official blog of FOX News Channel.

The key element of the shooting technology discussed by FOX is TrackingPoint's Automatic Ballistic Solution, processed by the smart rifle's Networked Tracking Scope, frequently referred to as a "Smart Scope."

The Networked Tracking Scope instantly calculates a precise firing solution for a given shot. The automatic ballistic solution accelerates target engagement times and eliminates shooter error due to mis-estimation of conditions. The automatic ballistic solution is continuously adapting to all environmental and positional conditions relative to an acquired target including range, wind, target velocity, temperature, pressure, incline/decline, cant, coriolis effect such that the shooter has no need to perform calculations, adjust turrets (there are no turrets on a Smart Rifle), estimate holdovers for wind, or hold for lead on moving targets. The PGF has a adaptive lifecycle ballistic capability that adjusts ballistic solutions based on the age of the barrel predicated on how many shots have been fired. Internal ballistics change predictably as more rounds are fired. This prediction curve is an input to the automatic ballistic solution. All environmental and positional conditions serve as inputs to the Smart Rifle embedded ballistics computers. The calculated firing solution is then used to instantly adjust the view area and reticle to reflect the calculated firing solution. This entire process from tag to solution is less than 1 second.

Smart Rifles combine computer vision and object tracking technologies to help the shooter launch a precise shot. A shooter “tags” a target which designates the shooters intended shot impact point. The networked digital tracking smart scope then tracks the target and maintains a visual indicator of the intended impact point. The smart scope instantly computes a firing solution based on range, wind, ballistic curves, temperature, humidity, incline, cant, coriolis effect, barrel wear, zeroing shift, and other variables related to shot accuracy. The reticle of the smart rifle instantly adjusts to represent the precise firing solution. The shooter realigns the reticle with the designated impact point and pulls the trigger. If the barrel is not perfectly aligned to make the shot at time of trigger pull trigger pressure increases to defer launch until the barrel is in the proper position to launch. Once the barrel is properly aligned by the shooter the trigger deflates to normal trigger pressure and shooter pull force launches the round. The only way a round can be launched is through human pull force. The networked digital tracking smart scope is incapable of launching a round. The shooter is always in the loop – tagging, aiming, and pulling the trigger.

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