Top Five Tips for Applying False Lashes Presented by Beauty Research

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Beauty Research, a beauty blogging web site, published an article today discussing false eyelash application techniques.

False eyelashes have been used since the 1910s by Hollywood divas, and more and more modern everyday women have begun to experiment with them. Using false eyelashes requires a special technique to ensure best results, and it can take time to develop the skills necessary to apply lashes in a way that looks very natural. The latest article by, Top Five Tips for Applying False Lashes, discusses ways to apply false eyelashes without causing beauty mishaps.

False eyelashes are available in a wide variety of lash lengths, but they typically are manufactured in just one size and shape. Unfortunately, that shape is not usually a perfect fit for women. How can women alter false lashes, so that they are better suited to the size and shape of their own eyes? What techniques should be used for preparing false eyelashes for application? Is it wise to trim false eyelashes to shape them? To find out, visit or click

While every pair of false eyelashes is different, most types are adhered to the lash line with glue. The quality and type of glue can have a big impact on the results received from the lashes and so can the way that the glue is used. Which type of eyelash glue is the best to use for false lashes? What comparisons can be made between black and clear lash glue? Is there anything that women should keep in mind when applying glue to their false lashes? To find out, visit or click

The point in the false eyelash application process where women most frequently make mistakes is in the placement of the lashes. Instinct often leads women to place the lashes in the wrong spot, which yields unattractive results. What is the best way to apply eyelashes? Should faux lashes stick to the eyelid or to the real lashes? Is there anything that a woman can do to make placement easier? To find out, visit or click

The final step to applying false eyelashes is adhering the lashes to the eye area to keep them from coming loose over the course of the day or evening. If done incorrectly, this step can lead to disastrous results. Should women use their fingers to press eyelashes in place, and if not, what should they use? What is the best technique for getting false lashes to adhere to the eye area, and how exactly is it performed? To find out, visit or click

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