FFXIV Goldsmithing Leveling Guide Newly Released by OsirisMethod.com

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A new goldsmithing leveling guide for Final Fantasy XIV was just released at OsirisMethod.com. The guide can be found in full at http://www.osirismethod.com/blog/.

OsirisMethod.com is pleased to report that their long awaited Final Fantasy XIV goldsmithing leveling guide has just been released. This new guide provides players with a detailed leveling path from 1-50 for the goldsmithing profession.

Final Fantasy XIV (or FFXIV for short) is a fantasy-based game in a persistent online world where players can undertake various adventures and battle against a large variety of enemies. In FFXIV, not only can players go on adventures, but they can also level up professions classes as well. Unlike other MMORPGs where professions are side jobs for the main adventuring class, leveling up a profession in FFXIV is just as difficult (if not more difficult) than leveling up an adventurer. To help ease the leveling burden, OsirisMethod.com released a goldsmithing leveling guide detailing the path of least resistance on the way up to level 50.

The motivation for players to level the goldsmithing profession is high amongst players as the goldsmith serves a variety of functions in Final Fantasy XIV. Naturally, the goldsmith is responsible for fashioning most of the rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces used by both adventuring and crafting classes. As with any MMORPG but unlike the real world, these equipment slots are functional rather than aesthetic. Magic jewelry provides players with stat bonuses that make their characters stronger in battle and more effective while crafting or gathering.

According to the new guide, the easiest method for leveling up the goldsmithing class is through repeatable quests known as "leves". Leves provide massive experience point rewards each time they are completed. The guide also states however that players can only undertake a limited number of leves, so making the most out of each leve is essential for efficient leveling. In order to get the most out of leves, players should only use the "repeatable" leves that task players with turning in 3-5 items at once. These repeatable quests allow players to turn in the required items up to three times before the quest ends, using only one leve allowance in the process.

While leves may be the fastest way to level up, their limited number means that players looking to level up quickly will have to just craft items regularly repeatedly in order to increase their level. For a full list, see the new goldsmithing guide in its entirety at http://www.osirismethod.com/ffxiv-arr-goldsmithing-leveling-guide/.

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