Valuable Insight on Happiness Versus Excitement by Mahendra Trivedi

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Mahendra Trivedi delivered a valuable insight on the difference between 'Happiness' and 'Excitement' during the Trivedi Remote Workshop on September 7, 2013. Mr. Trivedi explained in-depth about the “Wisdom of Nature” and the “Universal Intelligence”. Depicting the journey of human life, Mr. Trivedi talked about four phases of human life and highlighted how one can attain true happiness by connecting to the inner guidance system.

Mahendra Kumar Trivedi

Mahendra Kumar Trivedi

Mahendra Trivedi delivered a valuable insight on the difference between 'Happiness' and 'Excitement' during the Trivedi Remote Workshop on September 7, 2013. People from all walks of life participated in this special workshop to hear the precious words of Mr. Trivedi, whom people lovingly address as Guruji.

Mr. Trivedi defined the two states of 'Excitement' and 'Happiness'; describing the former as a temporary state where some positive changes in the life of man make them feel happy while the latter is an everlasting state that can be attained only when a person is connected to the 'Inner guidance system' i.e., the Soul/Spirit. During this special event, Mr. Trivedi explained in-depth about the “Wisdom of Nature” and the “Universal Intelligence”and raised some highly thought-provoking questions like-

Can man optimize his potential?
Can he enjoy happiness?
Can he regain the natural blueprint?

Mr. Trivedi depicted the 'journey of human life' by dividing it into four different phases.

Phase-I: Day 1 to 6 years of life
Phase-II: 6 years to 12 years of life
Phase-III: 12 years to 18/21 years of life
Phase-IV: 18 years to Death

He explained that as the sub-conscious brain is predominant in the first stage, a child is always happy irrespective of any conditions. Mr. Trivedi puts it this way: "Since human being is born with happiness, it is our birth right".

In the second stage, the sub-conscious brain stops working and the conscious brain starts absorbing things from the environment. The child learns maximum from the “Mother Nature” and starts speaking 'No' without knowing the proper explanation for it. This occurs because the child is still connected to the inner guidance system.

Elucidating the third and the most crucial phase of life, Mr. Trivedi pointed out that a person makes the most important choice in this phase- whether to follow the 'Inner guidance system' or the 'Social guidance system'. The moment one chooses the 'Social guidance system', the process of disconnection from the 'inner guidance system' starts. Life becomes full of conditions and a person becomes dependent on the mercy of others, which leads to emotional trauma. This further speeds up the disconnection process from the inner guidance system. On the contrary, when somebody chooses the 'Inner guidance system', human life becomes free from conditions. As a result, a person always feels that he/she is the choice of the God and does not have any desire to be the choice of some other people. The decision in this phase determines whether one finds happiness or lives with excitement/struggle.

Mr. Trivedi states; "Most of us go on a journey in a wrong path/direction which never leads to the ultimate destination, the happiness".

Enlightening the participants on 'What other people can offer you 'versus' what the creator can offer you', he pointed out that what man owns is just problems in life and thus, he has nothing to offer. However, as people connect to their inner guidance system, within a short period of time, they are able harness the Life Force/Vital Force from the God of their understanding, which can bestow everything in a person's life.

The energy transmission through Trivedi Effect® has the ability to connect human being to the Universal Intelligence. This natural phenomenon, when harnessed and transmitted through the thoughts of Mahendra Trivedi and his wife Dahryn Trivedi, can transform living organisms and non-living materials so they can function at their highest level and serve a greater purpose. This phenomenon helps a person start his/her journey in the right direction towards the pursuit of happiness. It helps man regain his/her natural blue print and find the true, everlasting happiness.

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