Launches a New Tool Against Telemarketing Fraud

Share Article recently launched a special program to help the thousands of businesses suffering economically from online directory scams.

InvoiceChecker is an expense reduction company who specializes in auditing, price comparing, and re-negotiating service fees and monthly rates for their customers regular services, such as; telephone bills, cell phone bills, office supplies, and courier shipments.

After receiving more than 100 complaints of fraudulent invoices regarding directory scams InvoiceChecker has dedicated an entire department to combat this business con.

Just search "Directory Scam" in any engine and thousands of results detailing frustrated business owners come to life. Every day companies are duped into agreeing to and paying for a service they do not want, they do not need, and in many cases, simply cannot afford.

Small businesses have been hit the hardest by these directory online listing scams. Several different claims have been reported by InvoiceChecker's customers. In most cases a 'sales' representative contacts a company claiming they have signed up for a listing a year before and must now pay for it. A second recorded call is then placed to confirm the address and listing. A few weeks later an invoice comes in the mail and a collection agent is calling daily.

For the unfortunate businesses who pay for the services their names are then circulated on 'leads' and they begin to receive phone calls from multiple companies they have never heard making the same claim. Although the representative's scam story may change the results do not. In today's economy businesses cannot afford to keep paying for needless services.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and Attorney General in the USA and the Competition Bureau in Canada are all agencies that accept complaints and companies should report any illegitimate and unethical business practices to them. This will help these agencies build cases against fraudulent companies. However, it does not necessarily mean the invoice will be voided or, more importantly, get the business off the call list.

Reportedly 92% of those surveyed by InvoiceChecker who have received what was believed to be a fraudulent directory listing invoice and did not pay it have been threatened with third party collections, legal proceeding and/or been told that the unpaid invoice will affect their credit rating. Of these, 65% claimed to have received a call from a third party collection agency.

The new service being offered by InvoiceChecker offers a complete solution to these telemarketing frauds by analyzing each invoice and company, handling disputes on behalf of the business in receipt of the questionable service, and even getting them off of the call lists.

InvoiceChecker confidentiality agreement and privacy policies do not allow them to share their trade secrets, but the proprietary information is proving to be successful with 95% of their customers having had at least 5 of their invoices closed within 30 days of sign-up.

"Online advertising plays a vital role in the business world, so we can't say that every directory company is a scam by any means, but there is a big problem out there and businesses can't afford to carry these costs any longer. So, we have decided to take a hands on approach. We not only look into the company's history, the service being provided, and that the sales strategy and invoice follows proper procedure, we will actually contact the company in question on behalf of our customer. Our customers can focus on their business, while being free of the stress and frustration caused by these scams." – Monica Sanders, Account Manager at InvoiceChecker

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