Eight Last Minute Safety Tips To Remember This Halloween

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The spookiest day of the year is upon us, and that means that families across the country are preparing to take part in the Halloween festivities. In order to avoid personal injury situations, the Bernard Law Group has compiled eight activity-specific safety tips that can be put into practice.

Whether you’re going house to house soliciting candy or heading to a local haunted attraction, there are certain precautions that need to be taken so that the holiday is more treat and less trick

No matter your age, there’s a fun way to spend Halloween. Young children may be looking forward to going around their neighborhoods in costumes, adults may be heading to Halloween parties, and still others may simply derive joy out of staying home and handing out candy.

But no matter how citizens intend to spend the holiday, safety always has to remain a top priority. In his position as a personal injury lawyer, the Bernard Law Group’s own Kirk Bernard has seen his share of situations turn tragic because fun hijinks got out of hand, and he wants to make sure such incidents are a rarity this year.

“Halloween is a time when many people decide to leave their inhibitions by the wayside,” said Mr. Bernard. “But that doesn’t absolve anyone celebrating Halloween of their responsibility to protect their neighbors. Whether you’re going house to house soliciting candy or heading to a local haunted attraction, there are certain precautions that need to be taken so that the holiday is more treat and less trick.”

With that in mind, citizens should consider the following tips focused on eight Halloween activities.

1. Trick-or-Treating- This is the most obvious activity, and as such, it draws the brunt of media attention. Parents should supervise their children each year until they’re mature enough to travel around the neighborhood on their own. Costumes should fit well so as not to pose a tripping hazard, and the clothing should be bright enough that persons driving in the area would be able to easily spot the child. Any candy that looks like it has been previously opened should be tossed in the garbage rather than consumed.

2. Handing Out Candy- While most people wouldn’t think that they’re leaving themselves open to a lawsuit by the mere act of giving candy to children, some precautions must be taken. Children should have a clear, well-lit path to the door, with decorations placed far enough away that they won’t impede a pedestrian’s progress. This is especially important when one has jack o’lanterns or lit candles on the property, as these items could set a stray piece of fabric ablaze.

3. Traveling To Halloween Parties- When driving to a Halloween party, make sure to reduce your speed accordingly given the heightened number of pedestrians that are going to be on the road. Be ready to hit the brakes whenever children are present. Drivers must refrain from alcohol consumption yet still remain cognizant of the fact that fellow travelers may not have been as responsible with their alcohol intake.

4. Halloween Parties- Such events tend to be rowdy affairs, and it’s important that adults be responsible enough to know when they’ve had enough. Anyone who looks inebriated needs to have their keys taken away, and revelers should make transportation plans or secure accommodations before the party so they do not pose a danger to themselves and others.

5. Haunted Houses- Many people elect to spend Halloween traveling to one of the many haunted houses around the Washington area. There is a kind of contract that goes with these properties: the haunted house characters don’t touch visitors and visitors don’t touch them. If someone gets violent, the best course of action is to contact the police.

6. Hay Rides - Make sure footing is secure when embarking and disembarking, and never attempt to jump away while the vehicle is in motion.

7. Bonfires- Respect laws related to lighting fires, only igniting a pile of kindling in designated areas. Keep children away from the flames and limit alcohol intake at such events.

8. A Note to Teens- It is easy to get rowdy on Halloween, but while egging houses and engaging in property destruction may seem like harmless fun, such activities can actually get people hurt. Cruising on Halloween, in itself, is dangerous given the amount of pedestrian traffic. There are far more responsible ways to spend the holiday.

Kirk Bernard has been protecting the rights of Washington personal injury victims for 30 years, achieving landmark court victories and settlements in the process. The Bernard Law Group provides legal representation for those injured in bicycle collisions, workplace accidents, medical malpractice situations, defective drug incidents, premises liability cases, and more. Persons interested in a free consultation should visit the firm’s website to learn more.

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