Kleen Car Announces Theater Seating in a Metropolitan Area Being Cleaned With The All New Vapor Chief Aspira Steam Cleaner

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The New York City area is home to many theaters, with many seats that get extremely dirty. The all new Vapor Chief Aspira steam cleaner is now cleaning spills and stains in theaters and auditoriums.

Vapor chief aspira steam cleaner

Vapor chief aspira steam cleaner

Movie theaters, Broadway theaters, and other auditoriums get very dirty with thousands of patrons taking in shows daily. Many theaters will seat hundreds, while some seat thousands. All the seats need to be cleaned along with armrests in the chairs and sometimes even the seat bottoms and the floor beneath them. The solution in place is the vapor chief aspira steam cleaner. Many times simple vacuuming will not work as the seats are sticky and stained from soda, juices or coffee. The fabric and surrounding metal or plastic trim needs to be deep cleaned. They also need to be cleaned quickly and have the ability to dry quickly as there is always another show about to start.

Old theater cleaning methods

The conventional way to clean seats and fabric was either to spray a cleaner on the seat, brush it in, and wipes it off. This method uses a lot of chemical. It can create a bad odor, leave wetness behind, and leave a seat blotchy looking. It also takes far too much time for this manual method. Some theaters employ carpet extractor which will be faster and more effective than the spray on, wipe off method, but a carpet extractor will also leave a seat very wet which may not dry in time for the next show. Consequently, many theaters will not use an extractor and simply wipe seats down which is not very effective.

A new and more effective way to clean theater seats

The Vapor Chief Aspira commercial steam cleaner was brought in to show how fast and effective cleaning a theater can be, with almost zero chemical use. The Aspira model of the vapor Chief has a vacuum that will immediately suck up the dirt that the steam is releasing. This is extremely faster and more effective than any other method of cleaning. The seats are cleaned more evenly, stains come right up, and the seats are dry in minutes. For seats with excessive crumbs or surface dirt, the "aspira" or vacuum part of the steam cleaner, can be used on its own before steam cleaning the seats. The vapor chief aspira is so compact and portable that is can be rolled up and down aisles easily. Staffs have found that the vapor chief will also clean gum off seat bottoms or the floor and also handle fluid spills that are on the floor.

For seats that have cup holders, the vapor chief makes fast work of these as well. The seats are left fresh smelling, clean and disinfected and dry which is just as important.

Other steam cleaning uses for theaters

Of course the staff has found that the Vapor chief can be used in other areas to clean as well. It is used to clean the bar area, the bathrooms, the lobbies, hand rails, stair ways and carpeting within the theater. It’s also used to clean glass on the doors, as well as the door handles. The staff loves it and actually looks for more things to clean with the vapor chief. For theaters and auditoriums that have multiple shows daily, steam cleaning with the vapor chief has shown to be more effective and time saving.

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