In Continuing Dedication to On-Going Pilates Education, Gail Giovanniello Presents Her Newest Pilates Workshop: Pre-Pilates Exercises for Bettering Advanced Pilates Moves

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Gail Giovanniello, PMA® CPT presents another Pilates workshop in her NYC studio on the Upper East Side: "Pre-Pilates Tools for Better-Understanding Advanced Pilates Moves" on Friday, November 8th from 3 - 5- PM at the studio on Lexington Avenue near 92nd Street. In her continuing dedication to offering Pilates In-House Trainings, Gail will bring movements, techniques, and principles of "Pre-Pilates" - some of which which she learned in a recent Pilates Method Alliance Convention in Florida - to the NYC Mind Your Body Pilates instructors, colleagues from other studios & the general public.

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Gail Giovanniello PMA CPT Mind Your Body Pilates UES Pilates Workshops in NYC

to just learn the number, names and order of the Pilates exercises is not enough, as it takes much practice to develop the precision and clarity of each movement

On Friday, November 8th from 3 - 5 PM, in N.Y.C., Mind Your Body Pilates owner and Advanced Senior Pilates Teacher Gail Giovanniello PMA®, CPT will present another Pilates workshop in her studio on the Upper East Side: "Pre-Pilates Tools for Better-Understanding Advanced Pilates Moves."

Gail recently returned from a week-long Pilates conference in Florida with an even-greater regard for and a renewed vitality towards a facet of training known as Pre-Pilates. Next week in her workshop she plans on invigorating Pre-Pilates on a broader scale and to a broader range of people: teaching aspects of this beginning-part of learning the Pilates method in this two-hour workshop which she traditionally lends a full-week-long segment of teaching to the prospective Pilates instructors in her Pilates Teacher Trainings.

In her continuing dedication to offering Pilates Workshops and In-House Trainings, Gail will bring movements, techniques, and principles of Pre-Pilates - some of which she learned or better-refined in a recent Pilates Method Alliance Convention in Florida - to the N.Y.C. Mind Your Body Pilates instructors, as well as colleagues from other New York area studios & any Pilates enthusiast from the general public interested in deepening their understanding and practice of the Pilates method.

Pre-Pilates is composed of warm-up movements and preparatory exercises - some of which were created by certain teachers who worked directly with Joseph Pilates - which these teachers fashioned in order for students - especially those newer to the practice - to be able to understand and eventually perform the more rigorous Pilates exercises better, more safely and in fitting with one of the six Pilates Principles: with "precision."

Current-day teachers continue to search for new ways of putting-forth proper movement, correct breathing and spinally-safe functionality within the assemblage of the ever-being-refined regiment of Pilates fitness moves, however, there are these Pre-Pilates moves that have been given great focus of late, particularly at the Pilates Method Alliance Meeting of 2013 earlier this month in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Gail relates that almost all the instructors at the conference taught Pre-Pilates ideas - from Deborah Lessen's Pre-Pilates Mat class to Michele Larsson's Mat for the Masses.

As Joseph Pilates himself was a strong-gym-type, the entire series of exercises which he originally assembled and taught to his proteges and followers is quite rigorous. More and more, especially with the popularity of Pilates, Pilates teachers are searching for ways to instruct the exercises in methods that are adaptable to a variety of people not only with a variety of bodies, but with a variety of fitness backgrounds.

At this recent P.M.A. Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, which Gail Giovanniello attended and also taught a Classical Pilates Mat Class to attendees, Gail's long-time teacher Deborah Lessen taught two three-hour Pre-Pilates workshops. Lessen also has an entire beginner's series of exercises - which new students perform in her New York City private sessions - before moving on to the advanced Pilates exercises performed on the apparatuses.

The recently-passed Joseph Pilates protege Kathy Grant, who had an entire series of warm-up exercises which she called, "Before the One-Hundred" which she taught to many students who have become professional teachers themselves, was a great proponent of this kind of Pre-Pilates approach. The "One-Hundred" refers to the well-known abdominal exercise with constantly pulsing arm movements in which the student counts tens sets of ten pulses. In the traditional regiment of Pilates exercises the One Hundred is the beginning exercise. Teachers have found that instructing new Pilates students to immediately have to raise their heads off the mat from being in a lying down position, isn't the most agreeable, safe, or ultimately effective way for many new students to get a first-time experience of Pilates.

Some of the Pre-Pilates movements in Gail's workshop on Friday November 8th are based on the teachings of Kathy Grant and which will include the "New Cat" Stretch in which instead of arching and rounding the spine, the student finds a neutral spine position and then moves the elongating spinal line forward and reverse through the back. Also the "Side Push Up" is another Kathy Grant Pre-Pilates invention to be included. Other Pre-Pilates moves which Gail will be putting forth in her workshop will be a "Shoulder Rotation" move created by Deborah Lessen and other Pre-Pilates movements and preps such as lateral ribcage breathing, side-body-situated leg lifts demanding pelvic stability, and cervical spine and upper back extensions performed from a face-down position.

Check out a photo album with brief descriptions of
Pre-Pilates Warm-Up Tools for Better-Understanding & Performing Advanced Pilates Exercises

Gail believes that in order to perform Pilates better oneself, one must have a deeper understanding of the movement in one's own body - only when connections are felt from the body knowing the elements of movement and sensing of the body parts which are co-ordinating - may the kind of understanding occur in which one may become a better teacher of Pilates beyond a "precision" practicer of Pilates.

Gail says: "There are so many new instructors and trainings and to just learn the number, names and order of the Pilates exercises is not enough as it takes practice to develop the precision and clarity of each movement. The Pre-Pilates exercises help one to understand how to roll down from the pelvis, how to deepen the arms into the arm sockets, how to extend the upper spine, how to breathe, and how to discover and sense the deep abdominal core. Each and all of these body-sense-understandings put all of the Pilates moves into a series of tools which a student can access when learning the moves from a beginning-level Pilates Roll Up to the Advanced Side Stretch on the Short Box performed on the Pilates Reformer."

Gail also lives towards and believes in passing on an approach-to-life ideal of Kathy Grant who is also famously known to have stated, "Be a perpetual student." She wants others to sense the life-empowerment that comes from this life-approach as well.

Gail's commitment to ongoing Pilates continuing education in regular Pilates Workshop offerings for instructors, colleagues and clients can always be viewed - with both the current Pilates Workshop being offered as well as photos and descriptions of past workshops - on the Pilates Workshops tab of the Mind Your Body website which consistently lists upcoming In-House Trainings which are given for the teaching staff but are also available to Pilates colleagues from other studios as well as the general public.

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Complimentary press previews with Gail Giovanniello can also be scheduled for alternate times.

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