Gulf Coast Spine Care Begins Enhanced Spinal Stenosis Treatments

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Improved Treatments for Stenosis Can Ease Pain with Great Results

When individuals are coping with regular or recurring back pain, they will do everything possible to find relief. Whether pain is intermittent or constant, it can be debilitating to a person’s way of life. Ultimately, the pain may detract from a person’s ability to earn a living, to spend time with family and friends and more. Stenosis is just one of many conditions that can result in pain in this area of the body, and there are several treatment options available to consider. Those who are looking for a significant form of relief from their condition can turn to the team at Gulf Coast Spine Care for assistance. This medical facility has been providing great treatment options with proven results for its patients for years, and has recently announced enhanced spinal stenosis treatments.

One important factor to consider when looking for an effective treatment for stenosis is what is actually occurring inside the body. This is a condition that is caused by a narrowing of the vertebrae surrounding the space. As this occurs, the pressure on the spine can cause a significant amount of pain. While there are different types of treatments available, it is important to note that the best treatment is one that alleviates pain by addressing the root of the problem. Some treatments simply mask the pain for a short period of time, but Gulf Coast Spine Care now offers effective treatments that can alleviate pain on a long-term or permanent basis.

Few people want to get back surgery unless it is absolutely necessary. However, many people also want to avoid taking painkillers on a long-term basis. Stenosis is a condition that may worsen over time, and it generally will not improve on its own. Painkillers may be used as a short-term solution while more effective treatments are explored. In many cases, however, surgery is required to alleviate the pressure on the spine. Gulf Coast Spine Care offers a surgical solution for this common problem.

Each individual should be personally diagnosed by a medical professional to confirm that the condition causing the pain is stenosis. The symptoms of spinal stenosis may mimic those of other conditions, but the team at Gulf Coast Spine Care can provide an accurate diagnosis of the condition. In addition, they can also provide the patient with a customized treatment plan. Surgery is right for many patients who have this condition, but it is not right for all patients. Those who visit this medical center can explore surgical treatment and other non-surgical treatment options for relief of their bothersome or painful symptoms.

Stenosis is just one of many conditions that Gulf Coast Spine Care can treat. Individuals who have already been diagnosed with a condition in this area of the body or who are experiencing painful symptoms can contact the office of Gulf Coast Spine Care to schedule an initial appointment.

Gulf Coast Spine Care offers both surgical and non-surgical treatment options for a wide range of conditions that affect the neck and back, including spinal stenosis. The team is led by the skilled and experienced Dr. Howard B. Cotler. Individuals who are interested in scheduling their first appointment with the team at Gulf Coast Spine Care can call the office at 877-395-8353.

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