Commercial Biomass Boiler Champions Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive

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Organic Thermal Energy Specialist Lends Voice and Support to RHI Scheme

Commercial Biomass Boiler

Renewable Heat Incentive aims to reduce commercial carbon footprint

Biomass heating systems use agricultural, forest, domestic and commercial residues and waste to provide the heat and electricity you need with a less detrimental effect on the environment.

Commercial Biomass Boiler is offering a unique opportunity for home and building owners across the UK to benefit from a hugely underused government incentive. Known as the Renewable Heat Incentive or RTI, the plan has the potential to help reduce the heating costs of all kinds of buildings while at the same time switching to a more environmentally friendly method of heat production.

Having been in the business since the technology first came to light, Commercial Biomass Boiler is equipped like no other to offer guidance on the options available, information on the government’s incentive schemes and installation of the most advanced boilers in the UK today. Biomass boilers offer a unique solution where every party comes out on top – it’s simply a case of finding the right partner for the project.

Recycling Redefined
“Biomass heating systems use agricultural, forest, domestic and commercial residues and waste to provide the heat and electricity you need with a less detrimental effect on the environment due to the carbon in biomass being a natural part of the carbon cycles as opposed to the carbon in fossil fuels which leaves permanent carbon in the environment.” – Commercial Biomass Boiler

The real beauty of the biomass heating system is the way in which it utilises not only what’s sustainable, but what is technically considered a waste product and available in abundance. Its versatility is universal and can be put to work across commercial and domestic buildings alike, replacing the current heating system with a vastly superior, energy efficient and cost-effective alternative.

In addition to these benefits, the government’s introduction of the RHI means that even greater long-term savings could be made. For those that qualify, as much as 7.9p per kWh of heat used could be paid by the government for a full 20 years. And what’s more, in certain commercial instances there are also incentives on off that could reduce the initial installation and setup costs.

Importance of Awareness
“In a world where it is ever important to be aware of the effect of we have on the environment, new technologies are constantly being sought and developed to reduce the levels of carbon in our atmosphere. Biomass boilers are one of these developments attempting to assist home owners to reduce their personal carbon footprint as well as providing a more cost effective way of providing heating and hot water.” – Commercial Biomass Boiler

Construction and domestic utility experts across the UK are being urged like never before to display and encourage a new level of awareness in the decisions they make for the sake of the environment and to ensure a sustainable future. Biomass boilers represent a simple, effective, affordable and fully workable solution which could potentially be put in place across millions of homes and businesses – all of which stand to benefit from the RHI or other government incentives.

For more details, visit the government’s official RHI page at:

About Commercial Biomass Boiler:

Commercial Biomass Boiler is the UK’s leading authority on domestic and commercial heating systems that utilise renewable and sustainable energy sources. A strong advocate and promoter of the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), the company makes every effort to promote awareness of the schemes on offer, the criteria for qualification and the long-term benefits of switching away from fossil fuels. For more information, visit the website at:

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