Evolving High Speed Backplane Connectors

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Reportbuyer.com just published a new market research report: Evolving High Speed Backplane Connectors.

Bishop and Associates, Inc. has just released a new 10-chapter 217 page research report providing a detailed analysis of the market for high-speed backplane connectors designed specifically to perform in 6 to 40 Gb/s circuits. In addition to traditional backplane architecture, this new report provides insight on emerging packaging options that are spurring interest in midplane, orthogonal, ruggedized, cable, and fiber optic backplane connectors.

Connectors designed to operate in multi-gigabit applications have proliferated over the past four years providing system designers greatly expanded interconnect options and performance levels. Advances in connector, as well as signal conditioning technology, have pushed interface bandwidth from 6 Gb/s to 25+ Gb/s, with several suppliers introducing new connectors designed to offer a migration path to 40 Gb/s performance.

This market research report addresses the many aspects of the high-speed interconnect market from what is driving demand for faster channels, to defining the key characteristics of the leading connector families that are currently available. The report also includes a reference chart that outlines the rated bandwidth of all currently released backplane connectors designed for circuits operating at 6 Gb/s to 40 Gb/s.

A variety of factors associated with high-speed channels have a major influence on their behavior. Chapters are devoted to reviewing related system elements including driver and receiver technology, printed circuit board materials and design, as well as channel modeling, and performance measurement systems.
Chapter 8 explores the advantages and technical challenges of alternatives to traditional backplane connector design including orthogonal, cable, ruggedized and optical interconnects. A discussion of the key Issues that are driving interest in these interconnects, as well as examples of currently available products, provide insight on how the industry is preparing to support future generations of high-speed equipment.

The report also includes several tutorial chapters on connector and high-speed system design issues that enable a non-technical reader to gain from the information provided.

This market research report is the fourth in a continuing series of investigations of this highly dynamic product segment. The advancement of this technology together with experience gained in designing these unique interfaces may set the stage for the evolution of all types of next generation electronic connectors. Those suppliers who have consistently made the necessary investment in resources to develop this expertise may emerge as the only viable suppliers capable of supporting future application requirements.

Chapter 1 - Report Scope And Methodology
•Report Scope And Methodology
•Methodology and Approach
•Connector Manufacturer Survey
•Users Survey

Chapter 2 - Introduction And Definitions

Chapter 3 - High Speed Connector Basics
•High Speed Connector Basics
•Common Backplane Architecture
•Midplane Architecture
•Orthogonal Midplane Architecture
•High-Speed Transmission Line Issues
•Defining Features of High-Speed Interfaces
•Connector Selection Criteria
•Bandwidth Rating of Connectors
•The Second Sourcing Imperative
•Performance Measurement Systems
•Test and Analysis Equipment
•Comparison of Electrical Performance
•Design Support Provided by Connector Manufacturers

Chapter 4 - The Need For Speed
•The Need For Speed
•Market Drivers to Higher Speed Interfaces
•Speed Versus Density
•The Influence of Industry Standards

Chapter 5 - High Speed Interconnect System Elements
•High-Speed Interconnect System Elements
•Driver and Receiver Technology
•Printed Circuit Board Materials
•Printed Circuit Board Design and Fabrication

Chapter 6 - High-Speed Connector And Market Trends, 2006-2008
•High-Speed Connector And Market Trends 2006-2008
•High-Speed Backplane Connector Families

Chapter 7 - Overview Of Current High-Speed Backplane / Midplane Connectors
•Overview Of Current High-Speed Backplane / Midplane Connectors
•Amphenol TCS
•VHDM, VHDM-HSD, VHDM H-Series, e-HSD, GbX, Ventura, Aptera, Crossbow, XCede, VIPER
•ERNI Components
•ERmetZD, ERmet zero XT and ERmetZD plus
•FCI Electronics
•Metral 4000®, AirMax VS®, ZipLine™
•3M Electronic Solutions Division
•VHDM / VHDM-HSD, GbX, GbX I-Trac, Impact, EdgeLine
•Tyco Electronics
•Z-Pack HS3, Z-PACK™ HM-Zd, Z-PACK™ HM-Zd+, TinMan, TinMan+ MultiGig RT, Z-Pack Slim * UHD, STRADA

Chapter 8 - High-Speed Copper Connector And Cable Assemblies
•High-Speed Copper Cable Connectors And Assemblies
•Bringing Cable To The Backplane
•Cable Assembly Construction
•High-Speed Cable Assembly Types
•Typical Applications

Chapter 9 - Overview Of Selected High-Speed Copper Backplane Cable Assembly Suppliers
•Overview Of Selected High-Speed Backplane Cable Assembly
•W.L. Gore & Associates
•Carlisle Interconnect Technologies
•FCI Electronics
•Tyco Electronics
•Amphenol InterCon Systems
•3M Electro Communications Business Group

Chapter 10 - Backplane And Cable Connector Design Feature Charts
•Backplane And Cable Connector Design Feature
•Backplane Connector Design Features
•Amphenol TCS
•Amphenol ABS
•ERNI Electronics
•FCI Electronics
•Tyco Electronics

Chapter 11 - Market Analysis / Forecasts
•Market Analysis - Forecast
•Measurement Criteria
•World Connector Market
•High-Speed Backplane & Midplane Connectors
•Market Forecast by World Region
•High-Speed Backplane & Midplane Connectors
•World Market – End User Forecast
•High Speed Backplane & Midplane Connectors
•World Market Forecast
•High-Speed Copper Cable Assemblies
•Market Forecast by World Region
•3- 12+ Gb/s Copper Cable Assemblies
•World Market – End User Forecast
•High Speed Copper Cable Assemblies

Chapter 12 - High-Speed Connector Innovation
•High-Speed Connector Innovation

Chapter 13 - Major Findings And Conclusions
•Major Findings And Conclusions
•Backplane Connectors
•Midplane Connectors
•High-Speed Cable Connectors and Assemblies

Appendix A - Terms And Definitions

Appendix B - List Of Contributors

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Evolving High Speed Backplane Connectors


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