Miltek Reveals a Top Way for Businesses to Make Carbon Savings

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With companies in the UK under escalating pressure to cut their carbon footprint, Miltek explains one of the easiest and most effective actions that achieve this.


Miltek Balers

Our top tip for businesses looking to go Green and reduce their carbon footprint is to recycle the paper and cardboard waste they generate on site.

Leading UK baler specialist Miltek has a long track record in helping businesses to better recycle and manage the waste they generate. Since firms are increasingly keen to find ways to go Green, Miltek would like to highlight one of the best ways to achieve carbon savings – paper recycling on site.

An international study by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), which measured the carbon emissions produced from paper recycling as opposed to less Green disposal options, has confirmed this top tip for businesses.

Statistics have shown that if a firm recycles just 1 tonne of paper and cardboard, 1.4 tonnes of harmful carbon generation will be avoided compared to sending this waste stream to landfill.

Furthermore, it would also amount to a reduction of 0.62 tonnes of carbon emissions compared to incineration.

The Eco-Friendly Benefits of Paper Recycling Over Disposal

Miltek warn that many companies are not fully aware of the damage that paper waste disposal causes to the environment. While paper and cardboard materials are biodegradable, when they are sent to landfill and commence to break down, they generate the harmful Greenhouse gas known as methane. In addition, since paper is also carbon-based, it releases carbon dioxide when incinerated, which is also highly harmful.

By recycling the cardboard and paper waste products a business generates, these dangerous chemicals are prevented from being released into the environment, plus less oxygen-giving trees are used and the sustainability of the paper sector is improved.

How Paper Recycling is Made Easy

Having revealed the carbon saving advantages of paper recycling, Miltek also advise that businesses can do this with ease by using a baling machine. These not only compact waste efficiently, but also sort it for recycling. Balers bring a number of key benefits to companies:

  •     Effectively save space on site while paper and cardboard waste is being stored for collection
  •     Waste volume is greatly reduced, which minimises the fees for removal
  •     Neat, compact bales can be transported much easier to a recycling centre
  •     Significant reduction of landfill tax costs
  •     Added revenue from recycling companies

Sales Director at Miltek, John Davies, commented: “Our top tip for businesses looking to go Green and reduce their carbon footprint is to recycle the paper and cardboard waste they generate on site. This need not be difficult in the least if they buy or rent a baler. As we have highlighted, these compact machines bring a number of important advantages.”

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