Organic Olive Oil Producer Bellucci Premium Comments on 10 Eating Habits across the Globe

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Bellucci Premium makes a statement about healthy eating habits following an article that shares some of the healthiest diets around the world.

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Bellucci Premium discusses the benefits of adhering to a healthy diet following an article that details healthy eating habits from different countries around the world.

According to an article published by Greatist on October 28th titled “10 Surprising, Healthy Eating Habits From Around the World,” there is an issue with obesity in many countries, including the United States. However, there are many healthy diets around the globe that help promote lower obesity rates. Each of these diets has their own specific benefits, but all of them promote better health.

The article details healthy diets in these countries:

  •     Japan- Has a strong focus on the overall presentation of food. This helps keep portions small and vegetables on every plate (the colors in vegetables makes them visually appealing).
  •     China- Eating with chopsticks helps to slow down the intake of food. This results in eating less, which means less calorie intake. “Research has shown slower eating may lead to reduced caloric intake, and one Japanese study found that the odds for being obese and having cardiovascular disease were higher among people who ate faster,” says the article.
  •     France- The French are less focused about the health aspects of food and more concerned about its taste. They indulge, but in small portions. Instead of eating a large portion of something healthy, they eat a small portion of a food that they enjoy.
  •     Ethiopia- “Traditional Ethiopian cuisine emphasizes root vegetables, beans, and lentils,” says the article. “It’s light on dairy and animal products.”
  •     India- Indian cuisine focuses on the use of spices, which can help lower cholesterol.
  •     Mexico- The largest meal of the day occurs at midday, not at night. Eating a large meal at night can cause weight gain because the body is less likely to respond to insulin.
  •     Italy- Don’t be afraid to have a glass of wine. “Research has shown that moderate wine consumption — one glass of wine per day for women and two glasses per day for men — can actually increase longevity and reduce risk for cardiovascular disease,” reports the article.
  •     Greece- This well-known Mediterranean diet focuses on fruits, veggies and grains. It also features cheese, meat and olive oil in moderation. According to the article, it has a very “nutritious profile.”
  •     Sweden- Rye bread, which contains fiber and can make you feel fuller, is popular in this country.
  •     United States- Some individuals in the US eat a healthy diet based off fresh local produce. These items often contain fewer pesticides.

Natalie Sexenian, the marketing manager for organic olive oil producer Bellucci Premium, encourages individuals to adopt healthy eating habits from other cultures. “Many diets around the world have their own unique health qualities. For example the Mediterranean diet is rich in olive oil, which helps decrease of the risk of high blood pressure and strokes. For someone who has heart issues, this specific diet would be a great one to adhere to.”

Bellucci offers three different types of oil, including an organic option, with a mild peppery flavor and fruity undertones that will satisfy any palate. Bellucci Premium Toscano extra virgin olive oil uses olives that are grown on the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany, and maintained by 3rd and 4th generation farmers. The third type of oil Bellucci produces is the finest 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, grown in many different regions of Italy.


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