New Intel RAID SSD Caching Solutions Brief Now Available

As part of the launch of Intel® RAID SSD Cache Controller RCS25ZB040, powered by LSI* Nytro MegaRAID Technology, a new Solutions Brief is now available at the Intel RAID website.

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(PRWEB) October 31, 2013

The Solutions Brief provides details regarding the performance enhancement made possible by using the Intel® RCS25ZB040 rather than a standard RAID card. Details are provided for specific applications as well as the benefits and technical specifications essential to general server use.

As SSDs continue to revolution datacenters, cloud computing services and more, the Intel RCS25ZB040 brings NAND-based storage and application performance to the mainstream by providing significant cost savings when compared to alternatives for achieving similar benefits. It’s the industry’s only all-in-one solution that integrates hardware RAID protection with onboard flash for data storage and/or intelligent read/write caching. The integrated intelligent caching algorithm built into the add-in card alleviates I/O bottlenecks and enhances performance for many applications including databases, indexing, Big Data/Hadoop, Gluster and VDI.

The Intel RCS25ZB040 Solutions Brief is part of the new Intel RAID website that provides up-to-date information regarding Intel RAID solutions. It features a comprehensive array of resources for next-generation storage demands that comprise Intel RAID SSD Cache, Intel® RAID High Availability and the new Intel® RAID RS3 product family. The SSD Caching section includes a Solutions Brief, Software Users Guide, Video and Sizing Tool.

To read the Intel RCS25ZB040 Solutions Brief, visit: 8-Page-v10.pdf

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Intel RCS25ZB040 Solutions Brief

Intel RCS25ZB040 Solutions Brief