OsirisMethod.com Publishes New FFXIV Carpentry Leveling Guide

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A new guide to leveling Carpentry in Final Fantasy XIV has just been published by OsirisMethod.com. The full guide can be found at http://www.osirismethod.com/ffxiv-carpenter-leveling-guide-repeatable-leves/.

A new leveling guide to Carpentry has just been published to the blog at OsirisMethod.com. The new guide can be found in its entirety at http://www.osirismethod.com/ffxiv-carpenter-leveling-guide-repeatable-leves/.

This new publication teaches players how to level up the Carpenter class in Final Fantasy XIV in great detail. Two options are given for leveling: crafting and repeatable leves. Crafting involves creating goods repeatedly in order to gain experience points, whereas repeatable leves are quests that can be turned in to gain experience points. Leves are cheaper and faster, but they are limited in number. Players can only level up a new job to the cap about once every two weeks by using leves exclusively. On the other hand, players can go from 1-50 in a day or two if they want to follow the recommended crafting path of the new guide.

Crafting in Final Fantasy XIV is unlike in any other video game. Even by MMORPG standards, crafting is much more developed as well as time and resource intensive in FFXIV when compared to other games. Rather than crafting acting as a side job for characters, crafting is considered a main class and is actually more expensive and sometimes more time consuming than leveling up a regular adventurer. Typically, crafting jobs in other games can be leveled up relatively inexpensively and within a day or two, whereas leveling up a new craft in Final Fantasy XIV is a serious pursuit. The new guide at OsirisMethod.com aims to help make this leveling process easier for players by providing an inexpensive and speedy leveling path.

This new carpentry guide is designed to benefit most FFXIV players. Any player interested in crafting will have to level up Carpentry to the maximum level even if those players have no interest in making Carpentry goods. The reason is due to something known as "cross class skills". Players engaged in crafting can equip abilities they unlocked from other crafts. For example, if a player has their Goldsmithing leveled up to 15, when crafting as a Carpenter, they will be able to equip use Manipulation, a highly prized Goldsmithing skill. Carpentry happens to have one of the best cross class skills in the game, Byregot's Blessing. This skill is not unlocked until level 50, so players looking to engage in crafting will need to use the new guide at OsirisMethod.com in order to level up their Carpentry effectively and efficiently. Carpentry does not have many great money-making recipes, but most players have to level it up just to get this skill. The new guide is designed to help out these players.

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