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Beauty Research, a beauty blogging web site, published an article today discussing hair care for dry hair types.

Dry hair is a very common hair care problem that can affect women on a daily basis, seasonally or after undergoing certain types of chemical treatments. When left unaddressed, dryness can worsen and leave the hair very brittle, which in turn leads to increases in breakage and splitting. The latest article by, How to Care for Dry Hair, provides tips on how to care for dry hair to make it easier to manage and more resistant to breakage.

A woman's daily hair care routine can either improve symptoms of dryness or make them worse, depending on the hair care products that she uses. The wrong products can dry the hair out even more, while conversely, the right products can replenish moisture and help hair become more flexible. What type of shampoo is best for women with dry hair? How often should a woman wash her hair if it is prone to dryness? Should women condition their hair just when they wash or is there a way to moisturize the hair between shampoos? To find out, visit or click

Dehydrated hair strands often become drier when exposed to heat due to the effects of evaporation. What types of styling tools can make symptoms of dryness worse? If a woman must use these tools to style her hair, how can she reduce the harmful effects of the heat? Are there any treatments that can be used to increase moisture levels in the hair? To find out, visit or click

The body produces natural oils that are meant to lubricate the scalp skin and the hair strands to keep the hair and skin moisturized; however, these oils often collect on one part of the scalp and do not reach the strands on their own. How can women distribute their natural scalp oils throughout their hair? Is there a particular type of styling tool that can assist with this process? What other benefits could using styling tools for scalp oil distribution provide for dry hair? To find out, visit or click

Hair color treatments are a frequent cause of dryness, as the chemicals found in some dyes strip moisture from the hair. Should women who have dry hair have their tresses colored at all? If they choose to, is there a particular type of hair dye that is less likely to cause dryness? Does a woman need to follow a dry hair care routine all year round? To find out, visit or click

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