Get Rid of Dingy Grey and Yellow Stained Teeth!

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TM Prosthodontics, one of the leading dental offices in Miami, announces innovative top secrets for obtaining pearly white teeth.


Glistening white teeth is undoubtedly one accessory that will always remain in vogue. Everybody dreams of having pearly white teeth. However, with growing age as we tend to increasingly adapt to grown-up eating habits such as drinking coffee, red wine, etc., our teeth tend to lose its luster. According to Dr. Tal Morr, one of the renowned dentists in Miami, Florida, “Brushing regularly is the most effective and easiest way to obtain sparkling white teeth. Any grown up should brush at least twice and floss at least once in a day. Regular brushing, particularly after every a meal or snack, can help prevent stained teeth, especially at the gum line. Anybody should undertake additional efforts for maintaining the winning sparkle.”

TM Prosthodontic's Dr. Tal Morr announces his innovative top secrets for obtaining whiter and brighter teeth. His patients can now say “good-bye” to tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, loose teeth, and bleeding and receding gums, and say “hello” to a bright white smile and healthy pink gums.

Why is it good including fibrous food in the diet: Fibrous foods such as apples, celery, carrots, broccoli, pears, lettuce and spinach in the diet, play a significant role in getting rid of stained teeth. It exfoliates them much before the stain molecules get a chance to attach to the surface. Immense saliva triggered by these fibrous foods help in washing away the food particles from the teeth. Dr. Morr considers fibrous foods to be an extremely effective scrub for the smile.

Avoid Smoking: Smoking is not only bad for health but for teeth as well. The tobacco in cigarettes delves deeper into the pits and grooves of the tooth enamel and cause brown stains on the teeth. Smoking not only causes yellow teeth but also a gum disease called gingivitis and immensely bad breath.

Thorough rinsing of the mouth after teeth staining foods: A glass full of red wine, grape juice and cranberry juice may consist of anti-oxidants but are equally capable of staining teeth easily. Hence, one must not forget to rinse their mouth after having such food or drink.

Regular dental check-ups: It is important to get the teeth checked and professionally cleaned at a regular interval. The abrasion and polishing methods used by expert dentists can also help in removing stubborn teeth stains.

About TM Prosthodontics: Dr. Tal Morr is one of the immensely skilled dentists in Miami, Florida. As a veteran Prosthodontist, he examines and diagnoses disabilities caused by loss of teeth and supporting structures. Dr. Morr formulates and executes treatment plans for the construction of corrective prostheses to restore proper function and aesthetics of the mouth, face, and jaw. His expertise ranges from dental surgery, porcelain veneers to crowns and bridges, full mouth dental implants and dental surgery in Miami. Dr. Morr and his team of the best dentist in Miami are highly skilled at correcting even the most stubborn of smiles. His dental office in Miami is at 20760 W. Dixie Highway, Miami, Florida.

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