Precision Diamond Wire Cutting Relieves Compression Stress on Dams

Bluegrass Concrete Cutting, Inc. uses diamond wire saw technology to cut slots in concrete gravity dams to control deformations and release accumulated compression stresses due to concrete swelling.

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Bluegrass Concrete Cutting Working on Hiwassee Dam

Hiwassee Dam, Murphy, NC (PRWEB) November 05, 2013

Bluegrass Concrete Cutting, Inc., in partnership with the Tennessee Valley Authority, will begin remediation of the 307’ high concrete dam using free-form diamond wire saws and supporting fixtures fabricated in-house.

Concrete dams experience swelling caused by Alkalai Aggregate Reaction (AAR)* and patterned cracking creates irreversible expansion which requires large vertical slots cut in the concrete monolith to ease the distress and maintain manageable movement within the structure that does not interfere with gate operations. Bluegrass uses diamond wire saws to create these slot cuts.

Bluegrass has a successful history with slot cutting both at Fontana Dam, NC in 2011 and Chickamauga Dam, Chattanooga, TN in 2008. Operations of this nature require extensive planning by experienced engineers and meticulous performance by specialized technicians to complete the project safely, successfully, and on schedule.

Recognized as a global leader in the diamond wire saw industry, Bluegrass has successful operations domestically as well as internationally including Egypt, Indonesia, and Australia. We are committed to meeting customer requirements and exceeding customer expectations. 48-hour mobilization capabilities and credentials ensure that time-sensitive projects can be handled professionally and efficiently.


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