World-leading personal training company signs gene fitness deal with DNAFit

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One of the world’s largest health and fitness personal training companies, has signed a deal with DNAFit to provide accredited nutrigenetics training for personal trainers.

We are particularly excited by the prospect of using groundbreaking science in our training.

Premier Training International, one of the world’s largest health and fitness personal training companies, has signed a deal with DNAFit to provide accredited nutrigenetics training for personal trainers.

More than 200 trainers in the UK have already been DNAFit Accredited and Premier Training will run courses every month to help keep trainers and coaches at the cutting edge of the next revolution in fitness.

The leading fitness education company will teach trainers to effectively use genetics testing with their clients in order to maximise their results.

DNAFit specialises in genetic testing for dieters and athletes to make their training more efficient. The tests assess a user’s power and endurance potential, their risk of soft tissue injury and the amount of time required to recover between training sessions. DNAFit Diet assesses what kind of diet a person would benefit most from and how well they respond to exercise.

Up to 30 genes and their variations are tested, including the so-called ‘fat gene’ – FTO. Users receive a 27 page document setting out their genotypes and recommending a training or diet programme, depending on their level of fitness.

Trainers will now be able to avoid trial and error programmes with their clients, assign the exact amount of exercise required and avoid performance inhibiting injuries such as strains and sprains.

The exclusive one year deal will see up to 2,000 UK trainers become DNAFit Accredited, ready to help thousands British gym-goers, runners and cyclists.

Speaking of the DNAFit training partnership, Victoria Branch, Global Marketing Director for Premier Training International, said:

“As an industry leading company, we are always looking to incorporate the latest research and trends into our learning. We recognised early on that genetics-led training is a growing part of the fitness industry, so we are extremely pleased to have signed an exclusive deal with DNAFit. We are particularly excited by the prospect of using groundbreaking science in our training – ensuring that Premier remains at the front line of industry innovation.”

Speaking of the Premier Training International partnership, Avi Lasarow, Founder and CEO of DNAFit, said:

“Premier Training International is the leading educator for the fitness industry in the UK and so it is with immense pride that we announce a deal by which Premier will provide DNAFit Accredited training. More than 200 trainers have already been accredited in the UK and with Premier we can help more and more people train effectively and achieve their genetic potential. It is a good day for dieters, gym goers and trainers alike.”

Training courses will run every month and will cost £129. For further information, please go to


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About the DNAFit Tests

DNAFit is the flagship product of Lasarow Healthcare Technologies. The product includes two DNA swabs which are run along the inside of the customer’s cheek and sent to the lab where they will be analysed.

The tests look at up to 30 genes and their variations to understand how an individual absorbs and metabolises fat from their diet, how their metabolism regulates itself, insulin sensitivity, exercise responsiveness, fat storage and inflammation. They look at how the body metabolises glucose and stays hydrated over extended periods, whether or not an individual has fast or slow twitch muscles, sensitivity to oxidative stress and soft tissue tendon pathology.

The genetic variations are used to create genotyped profiles. DNAFit Diet tells each user whether they would benefit from a low fat, low carb or Mediterranean diet and recommends how much exercise they need to do in order to lose weight.

DNAFit Gym, Run and Cycle tell users what their power and/or endurance potential is, their risk of soft tissue injury and ability to recover following exercise. This enables athletes to select events at which they are likely to excel, pre-habilitate likely problem areas and take sufficient recovery time in order to avoid performance inhibiting injuries.

About Lasarow Healthcare Technologies

DNAFit is the flagship product of Lasarow Healthcare Technologies.

Lasarow Healthcare Technologies was set up by Avi Lasarow, a South African entrepreneur who has successfully launched a number of companies in the health sector.

Avi commercialised the world's first Hair Alcohol Test with his company, Trimega Laboratories; rolled out the first roadside drug testing project in South Africa; was engaged by the Attorney General and the Head of Civil Aviation of Libya to identify victims of the 2010 Libya Afriqiyah Airways flight disaster through DNA analysis and is working on projects such as a test for foetal alcohol syndrome in new born babies and testing for ARV compliance amongst HIV sufferers in developing countries.

Avi, who is one of South Africa's leading international entrepreneurs, is the youngest Honorary Consul ever appointed for the Republic of South Africa. He is a representative to the Midlands region of the UK.

About Premier Training

Premier Training International is the market leader in the development and provision of high quality education for the health and fitness industry, with a well-established reputation of delivering outstanding vocational education for industry qualification levels 2 to 4.

Part of the Premier Global Group, Premier has some of the strongest sports scientists and industry experts involved in shaping syllabuses and training delivery; continuously pioneering the latest and most innovative trends in the health, fitness and wellbeing industry.

Developing individuals from school leavers and people looking to change careers, through to professional fitness and sports people looking to develop their skills, Premier employs over 150 staff across 38 national training venues, and has trained in excess of 30,000 students since 1992.

All qualifications are nationally accredited through Active IQ and are fully recognised by employers and the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). Courses are delivered through face to face and distance learning styles as well as e-learning platforms, allowing students to access the podcasts, webinars and video lectures.

For more information, visit

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