MyErgoHealth Announces Results of 30-Day Sleep Improvement Case Study

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MyErgoHealth, a leader in Custom Ergonomic solutions, has released the results of a 30-day case study focusing on the pain relieving benefits of their myErgoBed Customized Sleep Solution and 30 Day Coaching Program. Participants reported a significant improvement in sleep quality, a reduction in lower back pain, and less discomfort with the myErgoBed mattress than with their old bed.

MyErgoHealth, the manufacturer of the myErgoBed Customized Sleep Solution Process (, has released the results of an innovative 30-day case study examining the effects of their product on sleep quality and pain relief. The analysis and reviews can be found at

The 30-day case study consisted of two parts: the first focused on sleep quality and environment, and assessed whether one month of sleep on their myErgoBed Customized Sleep Solution improved participants' sleep. The second portion of the study examined other physical contributors to back and neck pain, including posture and workspace layout. 337 participants took part in this study: 61% were female and 39% were male. The majority were aged between 40 and 59 years of age, and 72% of the participants were married with a bed-sharing partner.

The participants were first asked to evaluate their current sleep quality. They answered questions about how many hours they slept each night, whether they experienced any regular sleep disturbances, and where they experienced pain or discomfort on their bodies after sleep. They were also asked to rate their current sleep environment, including the presence of partners in the bed, the mattress temperature, and the weight distribution of their current bed.

After completing these questions, the 337 participants slept on a myErgoBed Customized Sleep Solution for 30 days, and then completed the survey again to rate the new mattress against their old one. During this time, they also logged onto every day for the trial period to complete readings about various issues which affect sleep quality, called “Sleep Stealers.” These factors include stress, temperature, noise, and even proper pillow size. Once made aware of these problems, the participants were asked whether the information had influenced their sleep hygiene.

The second part of the case study involved readings about the various non-sleep factors that can cause body pain, including improper posture, a poor work chair, and incorrect positioning of office work stations or computers. The customers were given a personal “sitting assessment” by a MyErgoHealth coach, to teach them the right way to sit (and set up their workstation) for extended periods of time without developing pain.

An analysis of the data shows that before using the MyErgoBed mattress, 83.9% of participants had pain in their lower back, rated at a moderate level of discomfort. Stress was the most common sleep stealer, at 64%; participants estimated that they lost 1-2 hours of sleep per night because of it. After using their Customized Sleep Solution, only 24% of participants rated their discomfort level as 'moderate'; 48% reported 'mild' pain, and 21.5% said that their pain had disappeared completely. Participants experienced a 26% increase in the frequency of how often they slept through the night without waking, and at least 29% reported that the pain in their knees and hips had completely disappeared compared to their old mattress. Participants experienced a better feeling of support, less disturbance by partner movements, a high level of sleep comfort, and a low incidence of tossing and turning on their Customized Sleep Solution. 27% also said that the case study had a “big improvement” on their discomfort level when sitting for extended periods of time, and a majority of participants reported that they had either made positive changes to their existing chair or had purchased a new one.

MyErgoHealth is dedicated to continuing to improve the lives of its customers through education as well as ergonomic products. “We are constantly thinking, how can we help them change the way they think about the value of their health?” says Robert Harris of MyErgoHealth. Along with educating their customers through the case study, he says, it's important to ensure that they are continually satisfied. “Our mission at MyErgoHealth is simple: to impact your health so you can live a pain-free, comfortable life, so you can do more. We do this [by] equipping you with the right tools and coaching you to develop the right habits.”

MyErgoHealth is one of the world's leading providers of medical, hospitality, and consumer sleep systems, as well as ergonomic chairs and workspaces for home and commercial use.

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