EventInsure.Net, Part of MovieInsure.Com Insurance Services, Is a Provider of Low Cost Event Insurance-now Licensed in 20 States, Incl Texas, Florida, and North Carolina

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EventInsure.net, part of MovieInsure.com Insurance Services, is a provider of low cost event insurance - now licensed to transact business in 20 states, including Texas, Florida, and North Carolina.


EventInsure.net is dedicated to providing low cost event insurance to twenty states countrywide and growing. Most reputable venues and locations require general liability at a minimum. Usually, the required limit is $1,000,000 in coverage, but this limit can be as high as $10,000,000 in some cases. Cheap event insurance can still be obtained, if it is underwritten properly and placed with a reputable insurance carrier.

Insurable events can range from weddings and bar-mitzvahs to Christmas parties and festivals. Typically, the locations require the general liability. However, depending on the needs of the client, coverage for rented equipment, borrowed and rented vehicles, and even worker’s compensation can be added on to the policy.

MovieInsure.com is focused on providing cheap movie insurance to indie film producers looking for film insurance. Over time, more states have been added to the list and they continue to expand. For the past nine years, David Karubian – key broker at MovieInsure.com, Inc. – has specialized in this niche market and considers himself to be a specialist in the field. As a byproduct of production insurance advertizing, customer calls came in for “events.” Ever ready to serve the customer, MovieInsure.com Insurance Services expanded their field to include events to their list of insurance products.

Weather concerns are now something that can also be added to the list of items that can be covered. It does require underwriting, but not a lot. When large budgets are at stake, many clients opt for the coverage “just in case”.

Technically, certain types of filming can fall into the “event” category of insurance. The need for production insurance in Los Angeles is apparent in the requirement when obtaining permits for locations. MovieInsure.com has come through countless times for last minute certificates needed to secure filming permits. Many of the low budget indie productions ask for nothing more than cheap film insurance just to obtain the permit as a formality.

According to David, “Event insurance in North Carolina is a fairly common requirement that homeowners insurance is simply not able to cover...” although many folks try. There are a variety of risks that can come with an event, such as liquor, fireworks, animals, and even inflatable amusement devices. “We write a large amount of event insurance in Los Angeles alone,” says David.

According to David, “we are shifting from a ‘transactional model’ to more of a ‘relationship-based model’ and plan to nurture not only existing relationships, but cultivate long-lasting ones as well... I am more than positive that ‘social networking’ will play a role in our future. We have already had a great deal of success in the past few months…” “Repeat business is a great thrill,” says Debbie West, one of the agents. “Knowing you pleased a customer enough they keep coming back, or recommending their friends gives me a feeling of success.”

“The whole idea”, according to David, “is to make the process easy for the customer. The paperwork can be time consuming, but in the end we get a lot of satisfaction from helping the independent filmmaker achieve their dreams.” “It is funny”, says David – “when customers call for an insurance quote, no one ever asks for ‘expensive insurance’, they always ask for ‘cheap production insurance.’”

However, streamlining operations, relocating and cultivating relationships are not the only things David has in mind. “I can’t get into the specifics just yet, but our customers can expect a little technology enhancements in the months to come,” says David.

One step toward better communication with the indie film community is the opening of an office on the East Coast. “So much time was being lost because of the time difference,” says Debbie West, the east coast agent, “People in New York weren’t able to reach us until noon East Coast time.”

Overall, the film and production industry has remained somewhat stable, although more and more of the risky elements are done on a green set or in post-production. Indie producers are being forced more and more to save costs and find creative ways to complete their projects on time and on budget. Often, this means getting the most out of the costs of the equipment rentals, insurance, etc. within the shortest time possible.

Obtaining affordable entertainment insurance can be a challenge, no matter what state a producer is located in. When an event is being filmed, both the event and the filming of the event have to be insured. Entertainment insurance in Florida can range from public and private performances like speaking engagements, concerts, historical reenactments, plays, and celebrations of all types.

Movie Insurance in Texas doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to obtain – it is just about knowing where to look for it. The various municipalities and locations have similar insurance requirements that are relatively easy to fulfill. According to David, “the most difficult part of the whole process is ‘enframing’ the shoot dates and making sure the location, talent, crew, and other factors like the ‘weather’ and ‘equipment rental returns’ are taken into consideration. In most cases, increases and extensions are available as long as they are discussed and dealt with “prior” to the expiration of the policy.

The team at MovieInsure.com plans to have another press release on these topics in the days to come. If anyone has any questions, please direct them to David(at)MovieInsure(dot)com – 888-959-0772 xt 203. If you visit the page – MovieInsure.com – please be sure to hit “like” to become a fan of both the Facebook fanpage and the LinkedIN connections.

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