New Rejuvenator™ Microbubble Technology™ Goes Skin Deep with Less Water and Soap Than Traditional Showerheads

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Microbubble Technology™ naturally cleans deep within pores without the use of soap.


After years of research and perfecting theshowerhead and the Microbubble Technology™, we are excited to bring an all-natural option to skin care while helping individuals and households save money on annual toiletry and personalcare costs.

The Rejuvenator™ Showerhead Spa Touch Action, with unique Microbubble Technology™, naturally and effectively cleans deep within pores, decreasing the use of soap and helping people save money.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the toiletry industry has an annual revenue of about $35.2 billion and findings from the Global Soap Project report human bodies absorbing 60 percent of the substances put on their skin. Unlike other showerheads on the market, the Rejuvenator™ uses the scientifically developed Microbubble Technology™ which generates millions of tiny microbubbles that cleanses the pores of the skin deeper than traditional showerheads. After using Microbubble Technology™, over 80% of users also report softer and healthier-looking hair.

The Rejuvenator™ works by creating an negative charge in the water molecules to easily extract dirt and oils from deep within the skin. With this technology, the Rejuvenator™ shower head generates and floods the body with millions of Microbubbles, which are naturally charged with anions. An anion, or negatively charged ion, attracts positively charged dust and dirt molecules in and on the skin allowing water to wash them away.

Rejuvenator™ Products recently collaborated with The Beauty Company to conduct a 14-day Consumer Study on its revolutionary new showerhead and is marketed by the San Gabriel Valley Merchandise Center, LLC. The Rejuvenator™ showerhead uses an innovative water technology to better cleanse the skin and hair. In a 14-day Beauty Product Testing Study using the Rejuvenator™, the qualitative study – which included 100 female participants ranging between the ages of 25-50 – was conducted through several methods of online surveys, in order to gather initial and long-term results. The Beauty Company that conducted the study found that over 80 percent of users reported softer and healthier-looking skin. “The Rejuvenator™ showerhead with the unique Microbubble Technology™ is an exciting introduction to the skincare market,” said Sidney Chan, Marketing and Operations Advisor, “After years of research and perfecting the showerhead and the Microbubble Technology™, we are excited to bring an all-natural option to skin care while helping individuals and households save money on annual toiletry and personal care costs.”

Made with the highest quality of components, the Rejuvenator™ is the original showerhead utilizing Microbubble Technology™ to clean deeper than any ordinary showerhead. For more information on the Rejuvenator™, its Microbubble Technology™, and how it can help households save money on soap and water, please visit

About Rejuvenator Products

Rejuvenator Products, based out of Arcadia, California, is marketed and distributed by San Gabriel Valley Merchandise Center, LLC. Rejuvenator showerheads provide a natural washing experience with a deep cleansing effect that surpasses Regular shower systems.

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