Simplified Solutions of WNY, LLC Offers Healthy Tips for Seniors

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With winter approaching, Simplified Solutions of WNY, LLC gives some tips for seniors looking to stay active in the cold weather. Simplified Solutions has some suggestions for indoor activities and healthy living.

Simplified Solutions of WNY, LLC offers some tips to help seniors stay active and healthy this winter. They have suggestions for indoor exercise activities and healthy lifestyle. Many of these tips can be used year-round to help keep seniors healthy.

Staying active is essential to prolonging the golden years and living a healthy lifestyle. For seniors, consistent, not strenuous, activity is what’s important. Exercise slows the aging process, stimulates the brain, and keeps the immune system strong. Many retirement communities are getting better about accommodating the needs of seniors who are less capable through various group exercise classes. Here are some of the activities those in retirement homes can do either in the facilities or on their own to stay sharp and healthy:


Every retirement home has some designated area where seniors can go for a walk, some even have jogging paths. Make it a point to walk or jog for at least 30 minutes a day when the weather co-operates. This along with hydration and stretching will go a long way to keeping joints functional and arthritis at bay.


Yoga is slowly becoming the group exercise of choice in retirement communities. It incorporates stretching and breathing exercises. Yoga poses can also be done during free time. Seniors should focus more on Hatha yoga, which involves more stretching and breathing for stress relief. This form of yoga is also one of the least taxing on joints and can be suitable for those who are disabled or less fit.


Very few exercises are better for seniors than swimming. It works just about every muscle in the body in an environment that actually makes the workload less taxing on joints. Many seniors walk in the shallow end of a pool and use swimming as a means of rehabilitation for serious injuries. The water provides just a noticeable amount of resistance in everything they do. It also happens to be the top exercise for maintaining a healthy heart. Many nursing homes include an indoor swimming pool. If not, there are several indoor public swimming areas locally for seniors to use this winter.

Exercise can stimulate the body and help it remain properly conditioned to keep people on their feet for years, but there are two other keys to remaining active that don’t even involve being active at all: nutrition and rest.

Getting Proper Rest

Nothing can discourage someone from being active like pushing too hard, too often. There’s no need to feel lazy or inadequate due to getting winded quickly. With consistent activity, the body will condition itself to kick into high gear after a certain point. Always remember to stretch after a workout and get the proper amount of sleep that night. One of the good things about being older is having the ability to fall into a deeper level of sleep much quicker. Because seniors sleep so well when they do, they require only about six or seven hours of sleep a night. However, more is always better for those who are consistently active, so be sure to get every minute possible.


Other than a debilitating disease, the only thing that slows a person down quicker than inactivity is a poor diet. Seniors should make a healthy, balanced diet part of their regular lifestyle. Seniors should aim to get at least 25 grams of fiber a day for women, 30 for men. Avoid unhealthy foods with lots of saturated fat like potato chips, sweets, and fried foods. With a consistent intake of fiber, avoiding junk food, and consistent hydration, seniors will be able to flush out their system often enough to keep the body flowing smoothly.

Remember, the most important aspect to staying active is consistency, not intensity. The right type of activity is the one that can be done adequately on a regular basis. Always try and pick an activity that will be fun. Also, find an activity that includes a friend or two to help motivate each other. Many people think being fit is the key to living long and healthy, but being active can also help seniors live as long and happy as anyone.

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