“Conspiracy Corner” Tour highlights Theories Still Buzzing at 50th Anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination; Trip in the Dark Author Kaaran Thomas Presents a New Twist

Conspiracy theories continue 50 years after the Kennedy assassination. The "Conspiracy Corner" Tour presented by Trip in the Dark author Kaaran Thomas engages audiences with highlights of those most popular - as well as with a new twist.

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Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) November 07, 2013

As conspiracy theories still swirl 50 years after the Kennedy assassination, Trip in the Dark: It Began With the Kennedy Assassination asks a different question: Where is the evidence?

That and many other unanswered points are addressed with a new twist in this political thriller by Kaaran Thomas, nationally acclaimed attorney and former colleague of Governor John Connally, the second victim of the assassination and a victim of the great Texas recession as well.

Thomas' “Conspiracy Corner” Tour offers an evening of historic film clips with highlights of the evidence that continues to intrigue conspiracy theorists, as well as the chance to vote for your favorite theories and consider a new twist with Trip in the Dark. Following are dates / locations already booked, with more to come:

November 1, 6pm, Incline Village Library
November 5, 5:30pm, Sparks Library
November 10, 2:30pm, Downtown Reno Library
November 12, 5:30pm, Spanish Springs Library
November 13, 5pm, Northwest Reno Library
November 16, 2pm, South Valleys Library

November 23, 2pm, Houston Public Library
November 24, 5pm, Houston's River Oaks Bookstore

To arrange a Conspiracy Corner presentation in your bookstore, library, book club, school, or party, please contact Megan Mandeville at meganmandeville(at)yahoo(dot)com.


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