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Educator.com's AP Psychology course is in addition to 80+ subjects already available for high school, college, test prep, and professional subjects.

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Charles Schallhorn

This course touches upon topics like Abnormal Psychology, History, Biological Bases of Behavior, Motivation, Cognition, and more about the human condition.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 10, 2013

Dive into the world of the human mind, as well as prepare for the AP test, in Educator.com's exciting and newest course on AP Psychology.

This course answers some of life's mysteries about being human like why some people are just so weird, how our brains lie to us, and what IQ scores really say about you, and so much more. Educator.com's AP Psychology course is great not just for high school students, but also for college students as an introductory psychology course. Professor Charles Shallhorn has packed this course with numerous examples, references to pop culture, and relates it back to everyday real-life experiences making it an applicable course and interesting subject to any viewer. This course touches upon topics like Abnormal Psychology, History, Biological Bases of Behavior, Motivation, Cognition, and more about the human condition.

For over ten years, Professor Schallhorn has been tickling and enlightening young minds in Psychology, Sociology, and Government, and helping them to ace their AP tests. He also shares interesting facts and research finds on his blog "Teaching High School Psychology"--a Top 30 Blog in Psychology. Lessons later, students should better understand the human mind and feel confident for their AP exam.

AP Psychology is available at Educator.com along with 80+ other courses like Precalculus and Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 for the affordable initial price of $45/month. This subscription gives a member complete access to all of Educator's courses in Math, Science, AP and SAT Test Prep, Computer Programming, Software Training, and Language. Super saver options are also available $180 for 6 months, and $300 for one year.

Educator.com is proud to provide today’s scholars with advanced digital study materials that meet both their academic and financial needs. New and exciting courses are frequently added. At this time, Educator’s AP Psychology lessons and accompanying free sample lessons are available for immediate viewing.


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