The NED Show Debuts Kid-Focused Bullying Prevention Resources

The NED Show recently released free resources that empower young students to recognize and stand up to bullying with four tips. These resources include a four-minute animated video, K-6 lesson plans and activities.

Lynnwood, WA (PRWEB) November 08, 2013

Working with schools since 1989, All for KIDZ, Inc., producers of The NED Show, is committed to Promoting Academic Achievement through Character Development®. The NED Show is a character education program that includes a 45-minute assembly and parent & teacher resources. The program centers around NED, a lovable cartoon character whose name is an acronym for Never give up, Encourage others, and Do your best®. It’s a simple, memorable message designed to teach valuable lessons that help kids become Champions at school and in life. They have seen nearly 25 million students and will visit more than 5,500 schools this year.

The 4-minute video, ‘You Can Be an Upstander,’ is a jump-start for classroom discussions about preventing bullying. Available at (, the video defines bullying in three following ways: someone chooses to feel cool or strong by being mean to people who are smaller or weaker (an imbalance of physical power), that the targets of bullying do not say or do anything in return (an imbalance of social power), and that the mean actions happen over and over (repetition). After bullying is defined in a kid-friendly manner, NED shows four solutions that any student can use to stop bullying right in its tracks:

1. Be a Buddy - Show the target of bullying that they have a friend.
2. Interrupt - Offer a distraction that interrupts the moment of bullying.
3. Speak out - Say something that communicates that bullying is not welcome.
4. Tell someone - Whether it’s during the bullying or after it, tell an adult.

In addition to the video, educators can download the corresponding ‘Preventing Bullying’ lesson plans and other resources at no cost to support their efforts in changing school climate.

Download our Preventing Bullying Resources at:

These resources come at a perfect time in light of the current NFL bullying scandal, Bullying Awareness Week from Nov. 17-23, and the 10th Annual International Bullying Prevention Association (IBPA) Conference in Nashville.

Stop by Booth #19 in Nashville at IBPA Conference Nov 10-12.



K-6 Preventing Bullying Video and Lesson Plans K-6 Preventing Bullying Video and Lesson Plans

Students will have fun learning how to stand up to bullying with these resources.

Preventing Bullying Resources Preventing Bullying Resources

No-Cost Resources for Elementary Schools