Introducing New Private Investigator, Andrew Chambers, Specialist in Infidelity Investigations, Reveals Top Ten Secrets to Tell if Your Spouse is Cheating

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Private Detective Leeds give information on how they professionally and discreetly pull the plug on cheating spouses in light of New York Daily News report: Will Smith Caught in Cheating Scandal as Racy Photos of Actor with 'Focus' Costar Margot Robbie Emerge

So many of these spouses aren’t sure if their husband or wife is really cheating, especially because they long to believe their partner. Worse, they ignore the signs that their partner has wandered and even begin to wonder if they’re crazy

Private Detective Leeds has spent years confirming/proving false every spouse’s worst fears so have been delighted to introduce their new private detective, Andrew Chambers who is a wealth of information and specialises in infidelity. Andrew has had a great deal of experience investigating situations like that of the suspected infidelity of Will Smith reported in the New York Daily News by Rachel Meresca on 6th November 2013

Andrew said that he’s not usually approached at the first sign of cheating, but only after the scorned lover has spent too many sleepless nights puzzled as to the whereabouts of their partner.

New recruit Andrew Chambers went on to say:
“So many of these spouses aren’t sure if their husband or wife is really cheating, especially because they long to believe their partner. Worse, they ignore the signs that their partner has wandered and even begin to wonder if they’re crazy.”

The fact is there are common signs/clues that indicate your spouse is cheating on you. Read Andrew's top ten tips to see if your partner might be hiding more than they claim.

10. Your partner is suddenly spending more time with a new friend than he does with you.
He claims they’re “just friends”, but you find him texting and phoning her at all hours of the day and night. You feel suspicious, but you don’t want to seem jealous.

9. He hides his phone.
He used to leave his phone out on the kitchen counter or the nightstand, but not anymore. When you finally get a chance to sneak a peek, you discover his phone is now password protected – something he’s never done before.

8. He starts staying late at the office.
He says he’s working late, but he’s never put in so much overtime before. When you press him about his sudden change in work hours, he gets annoyed.

7. He’s less interested in sex.
Your husband used to be all over you, but lately he’s just not that into it. When you ask why, he says he’s tired or stressed from work.

6. He puts more effort into looking nice.
If you are normally casual partner is suddenly splashing on the cologne, buying flashy clothes and spending more time at the gym, you can be sure that he’s trying to get someone’s attention – and it’s not yours.

5. He’s barely home.
Does your husband suddenly have a lot of errands that take him out of the house? If he’s constantly popping out on a “quick” shopping trip that lasts over an hour, it’s likely he’s finding time for a “quickie” with someone else.

4. Your partner gets angry easily.
Your spouse seems more impatient with you than normal. He gets especially angry when you ask where he’s been. He’s likely to blow up, accusing you of being jealous and even crazy.

3. He wants to spend less time with you.
If your spouse no longer wants to spend time on things you used to enjoy together, he’s probably spending that quality time with someone else.

2. You start to notice little lies.
Your partner said he was at the local pub with his buddy, but you find a receipt for your favorite restaurant downtown in his pocket. These little lies may not seem big at first, but they’re all part of an elaborate web of deception.

1. You feel like something’s wrong.
Your partner might tell you you’re crazy, but the number one sign that your spouse is cheating is that nagging feeling in your gut. If the person you know better than anyone else in the world suddenly seems far away, it’s time to find out what’s really going on. Private detectives can help.

Private Investigator Gets to the Truth
Do any of these signs apply to your partner? Most spouses don’t know where to turn when they first suspect their partner is cheating, but Private Detective Leeds now offers a way to end the sleepless nights.

Anybody who would like to learn more about ‘Private Detective Leeds’ is welcome to visit the company’s user friendly website at any time; there, they can read about the various services the company provides as well as find useful insights to see if it may be worth hiring a private detective.

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