Dr. Matthew Warner of Willoughby Dental Now Offering Dental Crowns

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Dr. Matthew Warner of Willoughby Dental, SC is now offering a range of undetectable white crowns to give patients a natural finish.

Willoughby Dental

Willoughby Dental

Crowns are used when there is a large amount of damage done to a tooth and the tooth still needs to remain in place to maintain its function in the mouth

Greenville, SC: A lot of people are terrified when they think about having major dental work done. Even making an appointment can make people nervous. Some people think that damage may be done to their teeth, others worry about esthetics, and many times a dental visit can be thought of as very painful, time consuming, and expensive. One of the most daunting of dental procedures is a dental crown.

According to Dr. Matthew Warner of Willoughby Dental, Greenville SC, one thing that people focus on when it comes to crowns is aesthetics. Some people don’t realize that a gold crown in some cultures was seen as a status symbol. Nowadays instead of having a visible piece of dental work in their mouths people prefer to have dental work done that is not visible and is natural-looking. This is something that Dr. Warner is now offering, with the availability of white crowns that are undetectable for a natural finish.

Dr. Warner stated: "Often, having a tooth removed altogether can have undesired effects such as crowding and difficulty in chewing. Having a dental crown inserted when needed is hugely beneficial for overall dental health. A crown when done correctly takes little if any getting used to. Normally it will take two visits to complete a crown. With a typical dental crown procedure the first visit is when the tooth is prepared for the crown where the dentist will use specific measurements to allow ample room for the crown. The second visit will be to have the crown placed on the tooth that was previously prepared. Very rarely are more visits required."

Dr. Warner went on to explain that crowns are used when there is a large amount of damage done to a tooth and the tooth still needs to remain in place to maintain its function in the mouth. If a there is a cavity on a tooth or an old filling in a tooth that covers greater than 50% of the tooth a crown is recommended over a filling because bite forces from chewing can cause the filled or decayed tooth to fracture and break. If this happens the possibility of needing root canal or removing tooth may arise. Crowns are also recommended on teeth that have previously had root canals as these teeth are far more brittle and weak. The crown provides the added strength to make these teeth last longer. Another indication for a dental crown is when a tooth is cracked. If the tooth has a crack in it the crown can help settle some of the uncomfortable sensations that it may cause and it will prevent further damage to the tooth.

He also added that his office now uses several different types of white dental crowns that can be completely undetectable, making them ideal for those looking for dental crowns in Greenville, SC. Both current and patients of the past have expressed satisfaction with the natural look of the dental crowns offered at Willoughby Dental.

To find out more, please visit http://www.dentistsgreenville.com.

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