Drtohelpnow.com Allows Smart Phone & Online Users Access to MD's to Get Prescriptions & Diagnosed for $39

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Founded by E.R. expert Dr. James Kojian, drtohelpnow.com allows on-demand online access to medical professionals to obtain prescriptions & get diagnosed for a wide range of conditions, and offers first aid advice in trauma situations. $39 for a one-time visit, or monthly membership allows frequent access for less than $20 per month- no driving, waiting, or hassles.

Revolutionizing how patients obtain high quality medical care, drtohelpnow.com is a new online service that offers frequent, secure online access to high quality medical care for a monthly membership fee of $19.99, or at a maximum cost of $39.00 for a one-time visit. Recently founded by Southern California-based Board-Certified emergency room expert, Dr. James Kojian, this convenient, affordable telemedical service is available to Medicare, HMO- and PPO-insured, as well as uninsured patients, who can access the medical adviser through their smart phone or computer from their home, office or car.

“People who fear they have a serious medical issue can breathe easy knowing that a doctor is available in the palm of your hand thanks to smart phones which can easily access our online service,” says Dr. Kojian, who has been medical director and co-director of several California emergency rooms since 1991 and has over 22 years and 60,000 hours of E.R. experience. “With the average cost of emergency room visits nearing $700, and a severe shortage of ER doctors and hospitals, it has become unaffordable and challenging for many people to seek help for serious, but non-life threatening, medical conditions. Drtohelpnow.com is a timely and necessary option to traditional E.R. and doctor’s office visits. People can now get a consult without having to wait alongside sick people, or commit their next month’s wages to cover the cost. There’s no hassle.”

“This situation of affordability and accessibility inspired me to create a new level of medical care that bridges the gap between a traditional E.R. visit and the face-to-face doctor’s office visit. The truth is: a high percentage of E.R. visits—‘level 3 cases’--don’t involve severe bleeding, don’t require a chest x-ray or blood test, while being serious and discomforting enough, can be easily diagnosed and treated online without an in-person visit. For example, this includes conditions such as abdominal pain, bronchitis, diarrhea, flu, insect bites, hives, vomiting, sore throat, urinary tract infection, among so many others.”

A New Level of Service & Who It’s For
“Drtohelpnow.com is convenient service for all people, including those who may not be able to leave their home or office, live in rural areas with few hospitals, travel away from home yet need immediate access to an English-speaking, U.S.-trained doctor, or even those who lack health insurance,” says Dr. Kojian. “It’s a secure, private, easy and affordable means to obtain a prescription refill for a chronic condition, as the medical adviser calls in the prescription to the nearest pharmacy. In fact, the medical adviser does not have to be in the same city or state to diagnose a patient’s condition and recommend a course of treatment,”

Types of Conditions Treated Via Online Diagnosis:
Consultations on drtohelpnow.com can cover common conditions and symptoms such as: abdomen pain, abrasions, allergies, back pain, bites and stings, body aches, bronchitis, bruises, cough, dehydration, diarrhea, chest pain, earache, fever, flu symptoms, frostbite, headache, headaches, hives, itchy eyes, leg pain, medication refills, mild lacerations, infection, insect bites, nasal congestion, nausea, pink eye, pediatric issues, rash, respiratory infections, sinus infections, sinus symptoms, sore throat, stomach pain, stuffy nose, skin infections, sprains and strains, travel medications, urinary tract infections, vomiting, among others. “And in trauma situations, such as an accident resulting in bleeding, broken bones, head trauma, or serious injury, the drtohelpnow.com medical adviser can offer first aid advice to the injured or their companions while awaiting emergency services to arrive, which can be extremely helpful if they don’t know what to do,” says Dr. Kojian. “When dealing with severe injuries or life-threatening conditions, the drtohelpnow.com medical adviser will always advise patients to call 911 or head immediately to the nearest emergency room, plus recommend what things to expect, as well as what treatments and tests to consider avoiding. They can also provide second opinions.

How the Process Works, Guarantee of Privacy
First, the patient connects to drtohelpnow.com and fills out 3 forms online: a telemedicine consent form; a HIPPA form to keep information completely private; and an arbitration form which almost all doctor offices use to settle malpractice cases using a neutral party. Next, the patient supplies their insurance info which is then verified, or a major credit card for payment processing if patients have a HMO or lack insurance. After verification, the patient is immediately connected to a M.D., Physician’s Assistant or Nurse Practitioner, who can view the patient’s medical history online, listen to the patient’s issue, view the areas of concern on the patient’s body via the screen, provide diagnosis, prescribe a treatment, plus call in any necessary prescriptions to the nearest pharmacy.

Payment Options
“The monthly membership fee is a bargain price for accessing a medical professional up to a maximum of 3 times per month. If patients choose not to opt for the membership, they can pay the one-time visit fee of $39.00, which includes the medical adviser’s time to call in a prescription. For those with Medicare or PPO insurance, they will pay zero out-of-pocket costs, while patients with HMOs or no insurance will pay the one-time visit fee of $39.00. For patients desiring a monthly membership, their credit card will be charged $19.99 each month, and they will be provided with login information.

Hours of Operation
The service is available between the hours of 9 am – 5 pm (Pacific time) every day of the week.

Telemedicine Not A Replacement for Traditional ER or Doctor’s Visits
Dr. Kojian underlines, “Telemedicine is not meant to replace traditional emergency room care, which is invaluable in the diagnosis and treatment of serious to critical medical conditions and injuries, nor should it diminish the value of the centuries-old, doctor-patient relationship formed through face-to-face visits. Telemedicine is a new option in our vast healthcare system--it truly enhances the current level of healthcare by offering convenient, high-quality medical consultations at an affordable price.”

For more information about Dr. James Kojian or drtohelpnow.com, please contact 626-222-7777 or visit drtohelpnow.com.

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