Beware of OTC Head Lice Treatments, says Lice Troopers, America's #1 All-Natural Lice Treatment Service

Most over the counter Head Lice Products contain chemicals and pesticides in order to kill Lice and Nits. It's extremely important to treat lice using an all-natural method.

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Using an all-natural lice removal service is safe & effective.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) January 31, 2014

Lice Troopers now provides an all-natural one time treatment for removing lice and nits.

Most patients purchase chemicals from the local pharmacy when they first learn a family member has a case of head lice.

"When choosing which head lice products to use, it’s very important to consider the harms and side effects of using a chemical lice product. Some OTC lice products contain pesticides to kill the lice and nits. So when treating someone especially a loved one, its best to use an all-natural product" says Jennie Harel, founder of Lice Troopers one of the largest lice removal services in South Florida.

One of Lice Troopers biggest advantages and selling points is their all natural lice treatment method and its 100% effectiveness at removing lice and nits. Most people who have head lice are families with young kids, so you definitely do not want to place any chemicals on their precious heads.

"I always tell my clients, that the Lice Troopers Lice Treatment method consist of an all-natural treatment for removing lice and nits from the hair. Other lice treatments consist of pesticides to Kill the lice" says Jennie.

Using a chemical lice product could come at a serious health risk to the person being treated. Something Jennie Harel aka "The Lice Lady" most surely is all too familiar with. Some patients come in with a very sensitive scalp after using those products.

"I hear crazy stories all the time from our new clients that come to one of our lice removal salons to be treated. For instance a young father recently told me he put boiling hot water on his 6 year old daughters head to kill the lice. I wanted to smack some sense into him" says Jennie, who refrained and strongly told him that placing boiling hot water on his daughters head is only going to hurt his daughter and not the lice.

About Lice Troopers:

Lice Troopers is an all-natural, lice treatment and lice removal service that offers a 100% guaranteed head lice treatment and lice check. The Lice Troopers lice treatment method consist of manually removing head lice safely and discreetly, in a private salon setting or a chosen location. Providing safe solutions for frantic families, Lice Troopers has successfully treated thousands of families nationwide. Our services are recommended by hundreds of pediatricians and are reimbursed by most major health insurance carriers, flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts.


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Dangerous Head lice treatments Dangerous Head lice treatments

Dangerous Head lice treatments