Offering Huge Discounts On All Backyard Zip Line Kits for the Holidays

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The online store is offering Free Shipping on all Backyard Zip Line Kits to the USA for the Holidays. They supply their customers with the top brands in zip line manufacturing such as Alien Flier and ZLP.

The up and coming backyard zip lining company is offering free shipping on all of their backyard zip line kits for sale for the upcoming holiday season. BuyZiplineKitsNow sells a wide range of products for backyard zip lining, featuring popular brands such as Alien Flier and ZLP manufacturing. Their top product is the ultimate torpedo zip line kit which is suitable for both children and adults. They also sell gear such as helmets, harnesses, aircraft cable, bungee cord, turnbuckles, thimbles, and more.

Backyard zip lines are not only for kids, they are perfect for adults as well. There's always one member of the family who simply cannot grow up and still likes to engage in "younger" type activities. This is the perfect gift for them. There are many zip lines available for both children and adults. The ultimate torpedo zip line kit is available with up to 500' of cable and supports up to 350 pounds of body weight, so even if a person has been hitting the cheeseburgers they will still be able to get some enjoyment out of this product. These backyard zip line kits are super easy to install as well, and the company has videos and PDFs uploaded on their web site to assist customers with this process. If a customer is not too familiar with hand tools then they must simply grab a neighbor who can assist them with the install.

There are two major parts to actually installing the zip line in the backyard. Number one is planning and measuring, and number two is actually attaching the zip line cable to the trees. The correct drop in the cable must be calculated to make sure that the ride will travel at a suitable speed. It must also be determined if the zip line will need to have a brake block kit installed or not. It's critical to test the zip line first and gauge the speed at which the ride travels and make a judgement of whether or not it will need a brake block installed. As a rule of thumb, anything over 150 feet long should probably have a brake block installed. There are exceptions however, as some people like to install the ride to where it travels down towards the ground and then back up again towards the end so there is a kind of hill at the end of the ride which will slow down the rider and send them back in the other direction. It's important to have a basic understanding of physics and how gravity works before starting your installation. provides their customers with a zip line for kids and adults, and even some that are suitable for commercial installations. If a customer owns a campground, or other outdoor business then they may want to consider installing a zip line at their location. Many companies have seen a significant increase in sales and recurring visitors to their places of business after installing a zip line. There is just something about zip lining that attracts kids like bees to honey. It's probably because it's such a rare activity that people will likely only get to experience a few times in their lives, if ever. Man has a long history of being obsessed with flying as we've seen played out time and again with the wright brothers as well as other obsessions. A zip line will offer the engaged party the chance to experience this favorite past time of flying through the air and feeling the weightlessness and true serenity that comes with this extraordinary activity. There are few things in this world that compare to the feeling of flying through the air, free as a bird without a care. It is great for reducing stress and anxiety and will get the mind away from whatever problem has been afflicting it's mental clarity and clouding up it's neurotransmitters. Backyard zip lining is truly an adventurous activity, and with benefits like these, there's simply no reason to not take advantage of these many benefits.

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