US Foodservice Disposables Market

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Improving economy to drive US demand through 2017

US demand for foodservice disposables is expected to approach $20 billion in 2017. Growth will be driven by accelerated foodservice revenue increases relative to the performance of the recession-impacted 2007-2012 period, reflecting an improved outlook for consumer spending in tandem with continuing economic expansion, which will drive increased frequency of restaurant visits.

Packaging products to grow fastest

Packaging products will achieve the fastest gains through 2017, driven by above average revenue increases in the limited service segment, which accounts for over half of restaurant revenues but generates a much higher share of food-service disposables demand. Expanding menu options in limited service restaurants, longer hours to include breakfast and snacking beyond traditional meal times, and ongoing development of new restaurant concepts will also bode well for related packaging. The popularity of takeout food from full service restaurants and greater prepared food options from retail stores will also fuel packaging demand. Packaging that maintains fresh-ness and enhances the visual appeal of prepared foods will be a consideration for packaging demand in the retail market.

Serviceware gains will lag the overall average as a result of an expected moderation in material prices following spikes in recent years, along with rising competition from Asian imports in some segments. Nonetheless, prospects will be supported by a favorable outlook for limited service restaurant and retail establishment foodservice revenue growth, along with steady demand in institutional and other markets. Also supporting gains will be the increased focus on gourmet coffee and specialty cold drinks by quick service restaurants and convenience stores, and increased catering activity by restaurants.

Robust advances are anticipated for degradable packaging and serviceware from a relatively small base, the result of heightened prominence of environmental issues, efforts by foodservice establishments to differentiate themselves, and heightened local bans on foamed poly-styrene disposables.

Eating & drinking places to remain dominant market

Eating and drinking places, which held two-thirds of foodservice disposables demand in 2012, are by far the largest market for foodservice disposables. While growth in this market will be fueled by a continuing recovery in the broader economy as well as healthy prospects for limited service restaurants and changes in the mix of menu items, the retail and vending market will represent the fastest growing disposables market through 2017. Gains will be driven by the growing focus on prepared foods in supermarkets, warehouse clubs, and convenience stores, as retailers strive to differentiate themselves and regain some share of sales that have been lost to restaurants.

Among restaurant types, fast casual restaurants will record the fastest advances as they continue to gain share from quick service restaurants and casual dining restaurants. Also driving the popularity of fast casual restaurants is their appeal to two important demo-graphics: aging baby boomers and younger baby boomers.

Study coverage

This upcoming Freedonia industry study, Foodservice Disposables, is available for $5300. It presents historical (2002, 2007, 2012) demand data plus US forecasts for 2017 and 2022 by product and market. The study also assesses market environment factors, evaluates company market share and profiles 35 industry players.





General 4
Macroeconomic Outlook 6
Demographic Trends 9
Consumer Income & Spending 13
Retail Sales Outlook 16
Consumer Food Expenditure Trends 20
Foodservice Industry Outlook 23
Eating & Drinking Places 25
Limited Service Restaurants 26
Quick Service Restaurants 27
Fast Casual Restaurants 29
Coffee & Snack Shops 30
Buffets & Cafeterias 30
Other Eating & Drinking Places 31
Other Foodservice Establishments 33
Raw Materials 36
Paper & Paperboard 37
Plastic 40
Aluminum 44
Price Trends 44
Environmental Issues 48
Degradable Materials 53
Regulatory Issues 56
International Activity & Foreign Trade 58


General 62
Packaging 66
Containers 70
Paperboard Foodservice Boxes & Cartons 72
Materials 76
Producers 78
Clamshells 78
Foam Clamshells 80
Rigid Plastic Clamshells 81
Other Clamshells 83
Producers 84
Other Foodservice Containers 86
Paper Cups, Buckets, & Pails 88
Aluminum Foil Containers 90
Foam Containers 91
All Other 92
Lids & Domes 96
Cup Lids 97
Other Lids 100
Producers 101
Wraps 102
Bags 106
Product Types 107
Producers 110
Other Packaging 111
Serviceware 114
Cups 117
Beverage Cups 119
Paper 124
Plastic 126
Foam 128
Producers 130
Portion Cups 134
Dinnerware 137
Product Types 138
Producers 142
Utensils 143
Cutlery 145
Straws & Stirrers 146
Producers 147
Other Serviceware 148
Trays & Carriers 150
All Other Serviceware 152
Napkins & Other Disposables 154
Napkins 155
Moist Towelettes 158
All Other 160


General 163
Eating & Drinking Places 167
Limited Service Restaurants 169
Quick Service Restaurants 173
Coffee & Snack Shops 181
Fast Casual Restaurants 186
Buffets & Cafeterias 189
Other Eating & Drinking Places 190
Retail & Vending Machines 197
Institutional 204
Lodging & Hospitality 211
Sports & Recreation 214
Other Markets 217


General 221
Market Share 225
Acquisitions & Divestitures 232
Competitive Strategies 237
Marketing & Distribution 240
Compa ny Profiles 243
Airlite Plastics Company 244
Ample Industries, see Huhtamaki
Anchor Packaging Incorporated 245
BagcraftPapercon, see Packaging Dynamics
Bemis Company Incorporated 248
Berry Plastics Corporation 249
Biosphere Industries, see Sealed Air
Burrows Paper Corporation 251
Cascades Incorporated 252
Cascades Sonoco, see Cascades and Sonoco Products
CM Packaging Group, see D&W Fine Pack
Cryovac, see Sealed Air
Curwood, see Bemis
D&W Fine Pack LLC 255
Dart Container Corporation 260
Dolco Packaging, see Tekni-Plex
Duro Bag Manufacturing Company 266
Eco-Products, see Waddington Group
EcoStar Plastics, see Placon
Fabri-Kal Corporation 268
Fold-Pak, see Rock-Tenn
Genpak, see Pattison (Jim) Group
Georgia-Pacific, see Koch Industries
GMI Group, see Rock-Tenn
Graphic Packaging Holding Company 270
Groupe De Luxe, see Packaging Dynamics
Hindalco Industries Limited 272
Hoffmaster Group Incorporated 274
Huhtamaki Oyj 276
Inline Plastics Corporation 279
International Converter, see Packaging Dynamics
International Paper Company 281
Jet Plastica Industries, see D&W Fine Pack
Kimberly-Clark Corporation 284
Koch Industries Incorporated 285
Letica Corporation 288
Maui Foodservice Packaging, see Letica
Menasha Corporation 289
Mid South Packaging, see Rock-Tenn
New WinCup Holdings Incorporated 291
Novelis, see Hindalco Industries
Packaging Dynamics Corporation 293
Pactiv, see Reynolds Group Holdings
Paris Packaging, see Huhtamaki
Par-Pak, see Waddington Group
Pattison (Jim) Group 296
Placon Corporation 299
Reynolds Group Holdings Limited 301
Rock-Tenn Company 305
Sabert Corporation 309
SCA Tissue North America, see Svenska Cellulosa
Sealed Air Corporation 311
Seda International Packaging Group SpA 313
Solo Cup, see Dart Container
Sonoco Products Company 314
Southern Champion Tray LP 316
Spirit Foodservice, see Reynolds Group Holdings
Stephen (Douglas) Plastics Incorporated 318
StyroChem International, see New WinCup Holdings
Svenska Cellulosa AB 320
Tekni-Plex Incorporated 321
Waddington Group Incorporated 322
WinCup, see New WinCup Holdings
Winterfield, see Huhtamaki
Additional Companies in Foodservice Disposables 327



Summary Table 3


1 Macroeconomic Indicators 9
2 Population & Households 13
3 Personal Consumption Expenditures 16
4 Retail Sales 20
5 Consumer Food Expenditures 22
6 Foodservice Revenues by Establishment Type 25
7 Limited Service Restaurant Revenues by Type 27
8 Other Eating & Drinking Establishment Revenues by Type 33
9 Other Foodservice Establishment Revenues by Type 36
10 Raw Material Demand in Foodservice Disposables 37
11 Selected Foodservice Disposables Prices 48


1 Foodservice Disposables Demand by Type 65
2 Foodservice Disposable Packaging Demand by Type 69
3 Foodservice Disposable Container Demand 72
4 Paperboard Box & Carton Demand in Foodservice
Applications 76
5 Clamshell Container Demand in Foodservice Applications 80
6 Other Foodservice Container Demand 87
7 Foodservice Lid & Dome Demand 97
8 Foodservice Wrap Demand 106
9 Foodservice Bag Demand 107
10 Other Foodservice Packaging Demand 114
11 Serviceware Demand by Type 116
12 Foodservice Cup Demand by Type 118
13 Beverage Cup Demand in Foodservice Applications 122
14 Foodservice Portion Cup Demand 136
15 Foodservice Dinnerware Demand 138
16 Foodservice Utensils Demand 144
17 Other Serviceware Demand 149
18 Napkins & Other Disposables Demand in Foodservice
Applications 155
19 Napkin Demand in Foodservice Applications 158
20 Moist Towelette Demand in Foodservice Applications 160
21 All Other Foodservice Disposables Demand 162


1 Foodservice Disposables Demand by Market 166
2 Eating & Drinking Places Market for Foodservice Disposables 169
3 Limited Service Restaurant Market for Foodservice
Disposables 173
4 Quick Service Restaurant Market for Foodservice Disposables 174
5 Coffee & Snack Shop Market for Foodservice Disposables 185
6 Fast Casual Restaurant Market for Foodservice Disposables 188
7 Buffet & Cafeteria Market for Foodservice Disposables 189
8 Other Eating & Drinking Places Market for Foodservice
Disposables 192
9 Retail & Vending Machine Market for Foodservice
Disposables 198
10 Institutional Market for Foodservice Disposables 206
11 Lodging & Hospitality Market for Foodservice Disposables 214
12 Sports & Recreation Market for Foodservice Disposables 217
13 Other Markets for Foodservice Disposables 220


1 US Foodservice Disposables Sales by Company, 2012 223
2 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 235



1 Degradable Foodservice Disposables Demand by Type, 2012 56


1 Foodservice Disposables Demand by Type, 2012 65
2 Foodservice Disposable Packaging Demand by Type, 2012 70
3 Serviceware Demand by Type, 2012 117
4 Foodservice Beverage Cup Demand by Material, 2012 123


1 Foodservice Disposables Demand by Market, 2012 167
2 Quick Service Restaurant Market for Foodservice
Disposables, 2012 175
3 Coffee & Snack Shop Market for Foodservice Disposables,
2012 186
4 Fast Casual Restaurant Market for Foodservice Disposables,
2012 188
5 Other Eating & Drinking Places Market for Foodservice
Disposables, 2012 193
6 Retail & Vending Machine Market for Foodservice
Disposables, 2012 199
7 Institutional Market for Foodservice Disposables, 2012 207


1 US Foodservice Disposables Market Share, 2012 226

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