R. Scott Lemriel’s New Book, The Seres Agenda, Follows the Life of a Hidden Truth-Revealing Researcher Who Discovers a Secretly Established Worldwide Government

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This new book from Page Publishing author, R. Scott Lemriel, is a mind-bending enlightening journey through what is real and what is not. Truths are uncovered that shatter conventional wisdom and alter the fate of all humanity.

An extraterrestrial race has taken over a hidden one world government to take control of all Earth’s resources, and enslave the entire populous they see as cattle – good only for food.

R. Scott Lemriel, an author, feature film screenwriter, director, music composer, and hidden truth-revealing researcher for over forty years, has now completed The Seres Agenda, his second officially published work. This is a gripping and potent story that tells of a worldwide hidden government, which secretly signed a treaty with a totalitarian extraterrestrial group, after World Ward II, to gain advanced alien technology during the Cold War with the former Soviet Union.

This published book, created to be an uplifting and transforming adventure channel for the benefit of the author’s future readers, is now here on Earth.

Lemriel says: "Originally, I was inspired to write The Seres Agenda based upon many awareness-expanding events that occurred during childhood, while growing up, and throughout this lifetime, which directly involved the UFO and extraterrestrial phenomena. Many journeys via out-of-body travel into parallel and higher dimensional realities and numerous excursions along the past time track eventually revealed a hidden history of Earth and our solar system, and subsequently confirmed the suppressed truths I was uncovering. The insightful effect the music compositions and productions I was developing in my early twenties fired a thirst for knowing truth in contrast to merely believing or theorizing. These ongoing adventures and my music continue to serve as an inner channel to inspire me to continue to awaken ever-so-much-more about our true nature as knowing eternal beings."

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, R. Scott Lemriel’s poignant tale uncovers layer after layer of corruption and truth suppressing deceit, and ultimately leads the reader to experience an awakening of hidden truth within them. They will come to know the amazing unexpected future that is coming to Earth for the benefit of the entire human race.

Prior to publishing a book of his own, R. Scott Lemriel contributed to, The Venusian Trilogy - a book written by Omnec Onec (a Venusian who was brought here by her scientist Uncle to continue her spiritual training and be a representative of the peaceful and very advanced Venusian culture for the benefit of Earth's people). When G. Kouki Wohlwend, the owner of a European publishing company, Das Gute Buch, that published R. Scott Lemriel's first work as an author was contacted to comment on R. Scott Lemriel's recent publication in Omnec's book, she had a great deal to say.

Wohlwend says: "There is a tremendous increase or upcoming interest for spiritual literature that can really personally benefit people. There is most certainly a growing or awakening consciousness taking place for many people in the world, and the love which is in the message of [Onec's book] was written to help this expand. The last chapter by R. Scott Lemriel, as the conclusion to this trilogy, is a highlight.  In addition, he provides a very new uplifting imaginative spiritual exercise the reader can try to help him or her expand their insight from within - from the very center of their being (Soul), so they can naturally express more love, more understanding, and more tolerance for all beings in this world and the greater universe."

The Seres Agenda by R. Scott Lemriel is a story of shocking truth; an extraterrestrial race has taken over a hidden one world government to take control of all Earth’s resources, and enslave the entire populous they see as cattle – good only for food.  Initially promising to grant power to high-level members of this secret government, a reptilian totalitarian alien race later pushes to trick and threaten the people of Earth until they can take over completely, then use, and eventually dispose of the planet.  After being attacked by these evil forces for coming too close to the truth of the situation on Earth – that all people are in peril – successful hidden truth revealing author, Mark Santfield, starts to put together the long-forgotten aspects of his own life, and his unexpected involvement in Earth’s changing destructive direction to that of a coming unexpected liberating transformation.

Readers who wish to experience this chilling but revealing uplifting work can purchase The Seres Agenda at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, on Amazon, GooglePlay, or Barnes & Noble.

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