Bergen County Stylist, Liz Roncevic, Reveals 3 Tips to Achieve Personal and Professional Success

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It's no secret that one's personal image can either advance or devastate his career. Leading stylist, Liz Roncevic, discusses the advantage and power of looking good and reveals styling tips everyone should know.

Bergen County Personal Stylist, Liz Roncevic

Many people often question why they didn't get a second date with a romantic interest when they seemed to have had such a strong connection. Or when applying for a job or promotion, why was the less qualified candidate given the position instead of the employee who had put in the time and hard work, year after year? Whether concerning relationships, career, social involvement, or personal well-being, the answer to these questions can accurately be appraised by examining the image a person conveys through their styling choices and physical appearance. A person’s image, although seemingly unimportant, can ultimately shape the course of his or her life and influence the onset of opportunity, for better or for worse.

Expert stylist and entrepreneur, Liz Roncevic knows this to be true. When asked what 3 styling tips anyone can implement to achieve personal and professional success, she suggests, "Smiling, dressing for the job you want and wearing clothes that enhance your best features. The good news is, all of this can be practiced and learned by working with a personal stylist."

When Liz Roncevic began working as a stylist in Northern NJ, she did so with the knowledge that outward image plays a vital role and effects life’s more substantial issues. Matters such as career development, relationship prospects, and physical and emotional health can be drastically improved by developing one’s image in the light of their personality, values and goals. Smiling frequently, dressing to get a job, and wearing the right clothes are all tactics that can help enhance anyone's personal appearance.

“Growing up in Haworth (NJ), I was always mindful and appreciative of nice things. It wasn’t until I moved to Newport Beach for five years during my 20s that I became aware of the power and influence of looking good. I realized being ‘put together’ can impact how others treat you and the opportunities you encounter, thus effecting how you feel on the inside.”

For those who have diminished their own competence by undermining the importance of physical appearance, hiring a personal stylist could be a truly beneficial and life changing decision. Liz created and founded in Bergen County, shortly after “job hopping” in the fashion and art world where she felt unfulfilled and ineffective. Realizing others sought out her opinion simply because she looked polished and professional, she decided to branch out and freelance as a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant. Liz offers her clients more than just styling and personal shopping services- she teaches people to identify and capitalize on their best features in a way that supports and represents who they are and who they aspire to become.

“I went through a phase where I felt bored and directionless, but I paid attention to others’ feedback and their belief in my abilities. I noticed the correlation and magnitude in ‘looking the part’, and many times I got jobs much better than my skills could sustain. It taught me the important lesson that sometimes you need to fake it until you make it. I also saw that in order to ‘get your foot in the door’ you need to look credible.”

Having endured and surmounted some of her own personal hardships, Ms. Roncevic is an advocate and believer of her services, offering clients a generous discount if they donate clothes to help women get back to work. Liz also brings her styling services to places where she can positively influence women to change their lives and start feeling good again. This is a service she offers on a sliding scale to groups and institutions in support of this higher cause and to help others learn how to open the door to success in their lives.

To those considering hiring a personal stylist, it is important to recognize the positive ways a stylist’s professional input could be beneficial and influential. “Sometimes it’s good to have an unbiased, outsider’s opinion on fashion and style. We often get stuck in patterns of wearing the same thing we think looks good over and over again. It’s always good to get an objective view and some suggestions on what might be flattering that was never considered in the past,” says Liz.

About Liz Roncevic:

Liz Roncevic is a personal stylist working in Bergen County, New Jersey. Liz has worked in fashion and the arts in New Jersey, New York, and California.

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