People Coping with Infidelity Find Support During Holidays

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People affected by infidelity through the holidays are finding support, information and resources from the social-networking website

Launched in 2012, includes a community of 1,400 people, with numbers rising as the holidays approach. Holidays can be a time not only when people commit more infidelity but also feel the pain of broken relationships caused by cheating, and online support can help those in both situations.

"Group support is the most effective because everybody is going through the same thing, and you can support each other like no one else can," said Kathleen A. Brenckle, MSW, LCSW, a licensed psychotherapist based in Wexford, Pa. “It’s always better to seek on-on-one support, but if the only thing you’re inclined to do is seek support online, going to a website would be a healthy thing to do.”

Brenckle explained that holidays are a time particularly ripe for cheating. Sexually acting-out, she said, is caused by stress, especially the stress that comes with season-exacerbated strained finances, outside pressures and familial tensions. Lowered inhibitions at alcohol-fueled holiday parties can also instigate an affair.

Adding to the pressure is the fact that people in relationships in which a partner has been unfaithful often don’t want to “spoil the holidays” for those around them and suffer through the season while trying to appear the picture of cheer. Because only 10 percent of partners fess up when they cheat, Brenckle said, and those cheated on typically experience a drawn-out grieving process, there’s a need for support no matter which side of the affair one is on. provides a free, confidential online venue for all parties in need. It hosts an online community of people who have experienced infidelity in the past or are currently going through infidelity in their relationships. Community members offer support and advice, and, most importantly, extend healing to fellow members in heartfelt camaraderie. The majority of the members are victims of infidelity, but the site also serves individuals who committed infidelity, the “other person” and those searching for information to support a loved one. also lists Counselors and Private Investigators from all around the country.

“Infidelity happens in a majority of relationships and most tend to deal with the aftermath privately,” said founder Dean Severson. “ is the only website to offer those affected the support they need with the privacy and anonymity they desire.”

The website welcomes all different types of individuals, including those going through separation, divorcées, those still married working to stay together, and those dating. The website caters to everyone, both gay and straight. The site generates its revenue strictly from advertised services. An appeal of the website, and one it markets proudly, is that will never sell users’ information.

“What’s unique about this site is that it provides a community where people share their personal experiences and offer each other support, advice and friendship," said Severson. is a new website that offers an online membership-based community and resources to those affected by infidelity. It provides an informational and non-judgmental forum for those who have committed infidelity, those who have been victims and others whose lives infidelity has changed. More information can be found at

Kathleen A. Brenckle, MSW, LCSW, is a licensed psychotherapist based in Wexford, Pa. With advanced training in sex therapy and sex addiction therapy, Brenckle counsels through marriage and divorce. More information can be found at

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