Smart Business Owners Think Small, Save Big by Retrofitting Facilities with LED Lighting to Lower Energy Costs and Reduce Operating Overhead

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Peter Stein of Energy Saving Solutions Says LED Retrofit Delivers Instant Energy Cost Savings Within the ESCO Market

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Energy Saving Solutions' ‘Zero Out of Pocket LED Retrofit’ program provides any size commercial enterprise with upwards of tens of thousands of dollars worth of energy efficient lighting by amortizing the capital cost over several years.

Of all the overhead expenses business owners and facility managers contend with year in and year out, few are as unpredictable and subject to sudden increases as the monthly electricity bill. In response to the disproportionate bite energy takes out of their budgets, commercial and institutional organizations are fighting back by reducing their energy costs with innovative new options appearing on the market.

Among the most effective, and potentially least capital intensive, of these strategies are replacing all interior and exterior lighting with energy-efficient LED systems and doing so with a zero out of pocket energy savings performance contract. The idea of amortizing the capital cost of equipment to cut energy expenditures is not new and has commonly been offered by ESCOs or Energy Service Companies, firms that specialize in saving their clients money through lighting system retrofits, energy conservation, utility purchase agreements and innovative financing programs.

One national vendor that offers commercial customers energy-efficient LED (light-emitting diode) and induction lighting products with no money down is Energy Saving Solutions, a thriving Miami, Fla.-based business founded by Peter Stein. It’s an approach that is finding strong acceptance in a variety of business sectors, according to Mr. Stein.

“Our ‘Zero Out of Pocket LED Retrofit’ program provides any size commercial enterprise with upwards of tens of thousands of dollars worth of state-of-the-art energy efficient lighting by amortizing the capital cost over several years based on a shared cost-savings arrangement,” Mr. Stein explained. “Schools, hotels, restaurants, manufacturers and public institutions are finding it’s an excellent way to enjoy healthier, more natural light while better serving their customers, employees and stakeholders.”

As an added benefit, Mr. Stein said his company includes long-term maintenance coverage which replaces bulbs and fixtures with on-site installation should any fail. He added it’s a wise bet on his part as LED lights are rated for up to 50,000 hours of usage, or over 50 times that of the typical incandescent light bulb.

But what makes the energy savings performance contract model really pay off is the inclusion of the reduced utility expenditures into the equation enabling the upfront cost of the lights and fixtures to be paid back from a portion of the electrical and maintenance savings.

“LED lighting is simply unbeatable when it comes to energy-efficiency,” Mr. Stein stated. “For example, a 60-watt incandescent light bulb uses over $300 worth of electricity per year and in comparison an LED bulb draws less than 8 watts of power at a cost of roughly $30 per year. When these savings are averaged out over the lifetime of the agreement, converting to LED becomes a win-win-win solution that pays dividends for both our client, Energy Saving Solutions, and, of course, the environment.”

Energy Saving Solutions’ LED Lighting Primer:

The Technology: Developed in the early 1960s for electronic hardware applications, LED lights use light emitting diodes to produce high quality light very efficiently. LED lights can provide brightness of up to 150 lumens per watt, upwards of 60 to 150 percent better than traditional incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent lights (CFLs).

Good for the Environment: LED lighting uses considerably less power than bulbs and CFLs, requiring just 8 to 12 watts compared to roughly 60 watts for light bulbs and 15 watts for CFLs. The consumption of less electricity has a direct impact in lowering the release of carbon into the atmosphere, commonly referred to as “greenhouse gas.”

Good for the Bottom-line: Not only do LEDs use less energy but due to their design and construction, have a far longer life span that traditional lights. Most LED lamps are expected to last between 15,000 to 30,000 hours, compared to 1,000 for incandescent and halogen bulbs and 8,000 for compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). This translates into significant savings in greatly reducing the need to replace lights and associated labor costs.

Launched nearly four years ago as a developer and manufacturer of LED lighting products, Energy Saving Solutions has grown rapidly due to increased public awareness of the advantages of alternatives to old fashioned filament wire light bulbs. Most of the company’s line of commercial lighting products function with light emitting diodes, known as LEDs, that save up to 90 percent of energy compared to yesterday’s inefficient incandescent bulbs once ubiquitous in homes and businesses.

LED and Induction Lighting: Two Green Alternatives to Traditional Energy-Wasting Bulbs

LED Lighting
Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting is very different from traditional filament-based light bulbs. The light source in LED bulbs is created by a diode, a semiconductor device with two terminals that emits light. As electricity is passed through the diode, the atoms release energy in the form of electrons which become visible as light.

Induction Lighting
Although they tend to look like ordinary fluorescent lights, induction lighting is far more efficient, longer lasting and less prone to sudden failure. Also called electrodeless lamps, induction lights use power to excite gas encased in a tube or bulb to generate brightness. Standard gas discharge lamps have internal electrodes as a power source while induction lamps are powered from the outside through electromagnetic fields, making it possible to use higher efficiency materials and achieve much more cost-effective performance.

To help business owners and facility managers find out more about the ‘Zero Out of Pocket LED Retrofit’ program, Energy Saving Solutions offers a free, no obligation analysis of the lighting in use and current energy expenditures to determine potential cost savings. Call 305-735-2878 x 6010 or e-mail savenow(at)energysavingindustry(dot)com or visit

About Energy Saving Solutions
Energy Saving Solutions USA – the creators of the LED with a lifetime guarantee™ – provides businesses, government agencies, schools and non-profit organizations with energy-efficient LED and induction lighting technology that saves significant money and helps minimize environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions. Based in Miami, Fla., Energy Savings Solutions USA also offers organizations the ‘Forever Green Savings Program™ – a ‘Zero Out of Pocket LED Retrofit’ which delivers a complete conversion to LED lighting with no up-front costs. Energy Saving Solutions is paid back from a portion of the electrical and maintenance savings that the ground-breaking Forever LED Lights create. For more information, visit

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