Find Pet Boarding for the Holidays with the Help of Pet Kept Secrets

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The holiday season can be a very busy time when people hustle around to entertain guests or go out of town to visit family and friends. Pet Kept Secrets has a few tips on how to find pet boarding kennels and professional care that can alleviate some of the stress that is put on pets during this time of year.

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When searching for someone to care for your pet or a place for your pet to stay over the holidays be sure to check out Pet Kept Secrets.

The holiday season is here once again. The next few months are undoubtedly some of the busiest of the year. This time is crazy for people, with all the traveling, shopping, entertaining of guests and planning of functions and parties. It can add a lot of stress to the family. However, one thing that is often overlooked is that the holiday season is also stressful for pets. Pets endure lots of stress during this time of year because their family is often absent and they do not receive much attention with everything people have going on.

Pet Kept Secrets, a new social network for pets and their owners and pet-related business search tool, has a few tips for pet parents to help maintain the safety and sanity of animals during the holidays. If holiday plans are going to have your family on the road it is best to bring your pet along whenever possible. The ability to allow pets to travel with the family and not experience separation anxiety goes a long way.

When searching for someone to care for a pet or a place for pets to stay over the holidays be sure to check out Pet Kept Secrets. Pet Kept Secrets has a pet services search where users can find pet-related businesses such as boarding kennels, pet sitters and pet resorts. Find local pet-related businesses on Pet Kept Secrets and know that your pets are in good hands.

If you are unable to bring pets along for the family holiday vacation, Pet Kept Secrets has a few tips to help find the best care for pets. When selecting a new boarding establishment, tour the facility. Most reputable boarders will allow customers to tour their kennels and see the conditions in which pets are held. Look for clean and spacious kennels where pets will not be cooped up all day. Ask about walking schedules and be sure that pets will be able to get exercise out of their kennel and will have several opportunities to get out and use the bathroom on a daily basis. It is also a good idea to ask about the hours of operation of a boarder. Know how many hours of the day that an employee will be on duty to monitor pets. Select a boarder that has someone on premises as much as possible. It is always reassuring to know that a person will be there to watch over the pets and make sure they are okay. If you have a very energetic pet that is sociable and good with other pets, it is a good idea to limit selections to boarders that have a fenced-in play area. Highly active pets will be able to go out in play areas and run around freely, instead of getting only short walks on a leash. They will also be able to play with other pets and not be left alone all day long. This will greatly please an energetic pet and limit stress while they are separated from their family.

Another great option for pet care is a pet sitting service. For a daily fee someone will come watch a pet in the comfort of their own home. When looking for a pet sitter it is often a good idea to have it be someone the pet is comfortable with and already knows. A family friend or neighbor is a great choice, just make sure they are responsible and will come over several times a day to let the pet out and will spend time with them. If no friends or neighbors are available for pet sitting, look into a professional. This is a newer industry that has seen a boom over recent years. Most larger residential areas have several pet sitting companies to choose from. Be sure to choose a reputable company that performs background checks on their employees. Also make sure that they stick to a daily schedule that is in tune with your pet. Remain as consistent as possible with the normal daily schedule of walks, exercise and bathroom usage. Keeping a pet's normal daily routine will help them cope with being separated from their family. It will also be a reassurance to know that you can call and check-in and talk to the pet sitter. Also be sure to select a professional pet sitter that will do in-home introductions and consultations. Have the pet sitter that will be watching your pet come to your home before leaving for vacation. The ability to assess a pet sitter in person goes a long way and will ensure that it is someone your pet can get along with. Also pets will feel a lot more comfortable with a pet sitter they have been introduced to in the presence of their family.

Whether selecting a boarding kennel, pet resort or pet sitter the main keys are the same. Be sure that your pet and family are comfortable with the surroundings and the caretakers. Also try and keep a daily schedule that is similar to the normal day-to-day life of the pet. And always, be sure that responsible and trustworthy people will care for your pet.

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