ASIA TOURISM HOLIDAY: Where Accommodations For A Leisure Vacation In Local Culture Are Fulfilled

Asia Tourism Holiday (ATH) is a new travel agency established in July 2010 by a group of young, enthusiastic, and passionate people. They share the same aspiration to spread the stunning and charming beauty of Vietnam and other Indochinese countries to visitors all over the Asian Countries.

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Hanoi Vietnam (PRWEB) December 10, 2013

Asia Tourism Holiday offers a variety of tour packages from mountain trekking to city tour. Additionally, reservation services provide numerous carefully-selected hotels and cruises as this is to accommodate customer satisfaction.

With professionally experienced staff in hospitality and tourism services, Asia Tourism Holiday supplies aid, advice, and travelling information in 4 different languages: English, French, German and Spanish. ATH serves to be your local travel companion combined with global knowledge.
“Leisure and local culture combined” - Asia Tourism Holiday strives to provide wonderful tour services which include the exploration of culture, acquisition of knowledge, and relaxation in every single tour.

Sensible of its responsibility for social affairs, Asia Tourism Holiday participates annually in charity activities which include raising funds, collecting clothes, and helping those who are in need.

Vietnam and Indochina – great countries with boundless potential for tourism.
With the privileges of Mother Nature, Vietnam possesses a vast variety of terrains from high mountains in the north, to immense karstic islands in Halong Bay, and to white sandy beaches with crystal blue water in the central coast. Indochina is definitely a “can’t-miss-in-a-lifetime” destination where exotic Asian landscapes are conveniently located in close proximity!
Tourists could not possibly forget the captivating scenery of North Vietnam, with its long range of mountains, fogged valleys and serpentine roads hanging in the middle of the sky. Such terrains offer something that encourages all expedition and adventure fans to challenge themselves. Aside from towering mountains in the North, Vietnam has several beautiful world-class beaches. Definitely a perfect option for your vacation, an ideal destination to be a part of summer and notably perfect for honeymoon vacations.

With the desire to experience the quintessence of exotic cultures, tourists can’t miss the chance to fully experience the cuisine of Indochina and especially Vietnamese, which is famous worldwide. Reputable for its striking balance of different savors between sweet, salty and spicy, Vietnamese cuisine satisfies every gourmet all over the world. Speaking of Vietnamese famous dishes, you can’t miss tasting Cha Ca, Bun Cha, Nem (spring roll), Phở, and other delicious entrees.

Indochina holds more than one hundred million people from a variety of ethnic communities. This makes Indochina a great example of “diversity” in many fields: culture, customs, and cuisine. Each country has its own characteristic, but there is a common invisible link between the three nations--the aspiration to create a continuous harmony during your voyage.
In Indochina, you have the opportunity to admire one of the most beautiful and charming scenery. Tourism in Indochina offers a wide range of activities such as mountain trekking, city strolling, shopping, and tasting unique and delicious cuisine.

Understanding the importance of tourism contributes to the GDP. Tour guides in Indochina and Vietnam are doing their best to complete the infrastructure to respond to the demand of a fast-moving industry. With an abundance of 5 star hotels and resorts spreading all around, tourism highlights the country and direct international flights connect suitably with Indochina at 4 corners of the world. Thus, Indochina is believed to be the ideal destination of the future.

“Before becoming a professional travel agency, become a true local travel companion”.
Established in July 2010, Asia Tourism Holiday (ATH) is a fresh enterprise full of energy with the mission to make your voyage in Indochina from best to even better!

Despite being newly established, ATH with its young, enthusiastic and passionate tour guides, they are ambitious to spread a good and interesting image of Indochina to the world. They will never stop trying to become your close and reliable companion during your voyage. Being led by a core team of long-time-experienced professionals in tourism, ATH understand that tourist want a perfect voyage. Different from other travel agencies who merely supply tour services to customers, ATH put “customer experience” on top of its business philosophy, striving to turn your voyage into an interesting journey of learning and experiencing in the most fascinating manner as possible. ATH is always ready to become your local travelling companion who never refuses to help despite if you’re in a long mountain trek, or if you’re looking for the best hotel, or if you’re worrying on your budget. Because we deeply understand that visitors are far away from their home countries, nothing is more important than having a local companion that never leaves you when you’re in need.

Asia Tourism Holiday – Where leisure and local culture are combined to make the best trip
Understanding the importance of the mission to spread Vietnamese culture to the world, Asia Tourism Holiday brings tourists from around the world to experience the unique and fascinating culture of Vietnam and Indochina by its tour services. We have found out that Vietnam and Indochina are beautiful and unique in the eyes of Western people due to the difference between Eastern and Western cultures. That’s the reason why we are determined to combine leisure and local culture experience in every tour served by ATH. Every single tour is carefully structured with strict processing selection and other combined strategies to achieve a great mixture of leisure and culture all in one. No matter which tour you choose for your vacation and no matter where you decide to go, you won’t have to worry about the tour quality, about missing precious moments of exploring culture, or relaxing during your voyage.

“The good leaves protect the worn-out leaves”. Asia Tourism Holiday not only cares about customer services, but also taking part in social affairs as it is one of its main responsibilities. Every year, ATH participates in a charity organization whose main activities are to raise funds, collect used clothes, donate to impoverished people living along the Mekong River, and to encourage them to working for a better life.

About Asia Tourism Holiday:
Asia Tourism Holiday is a private tour company based in capital city Hanoi, Vietnam. We are absolutely a fantastic local tour organization that specializes in customized private tours and group tours, that ranges from easy grade to moderate and to challenging adventures throughout Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. Our dynamic and experienced team has achieved a high proficiency of foreign languages. Since we are dedicated to our tour organization, we are all well trained and are full of energy to travel. Hardworking individual tour guides combined with solid internal management all target on one goal: to make every single journey for tourists enjoyable.
Throughout long time experience in tourism field, Asia Tourism Holiday Company has been doing a spectacular job of organizing many tours from 4 corners of the world. ATH has satisfied a hundred thousand customers that it left a good impression in many visitors’ hearts and is recommended by guidebooks such as Lonely Planet, Routard, Petit Futé, Foot Print. Based on proper travel definition and business direction, our company’s goal is putting the best effort for keeping its reputation by offering top-notch trips cross the Indochina region with good service quality and affordable prices. Since its existence and development, ATH is always creative to make new tour productions. Our enthusiasm and passion inspire us to pioneer new routes and destinations for our customers to enjoy their voyages as a life enriching experience.

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