50 Years Later: How the "Manchurian Candidate" Theory Solves the JFK Assassination

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Winston Smith Publishing: A novel theory, based on a shocking, declassified CIA memo, depolarizes five decades of debate and solves the crime.

Was accused JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald a lone nut, CIA patsy or an American version of the "Manchurian Candidate"?

That last possibility arises from public records of U.S. intelligence agencies and contractors, studied and synthesized into a sensational new theory: Oswald was influenced by MKULTRA mind control, a technique developed and used by the CIA.

In the shadow of the 50th anniversary of the assassination, Jerry Leonard, author of “The Perfect Assassin,” develops that intriguing new theory. He matches what is known of Oswald and of U.S. mind control experiments, and unifies the "establishment" and the "conspiracy" theories by portraying Oswald as both perpetrator and patsy.

Sound intriguing? Consider this:
*A declassified CIA memo from the 1950s describes a scenario in which a government-programmed assassin/defector kills an American official and is then "disposed of" after being taken into custody.

*A military hypnotist in the 1950s describes in detail how to create an unwitting "super spy" by splitting an individual's personality into militant anti-Communist and pro-Communist factions.

This backdrop of mind control experimentation allows us to see Oswald's role in the Kennedy assassination in a revealing light. His baffling pro- and anti-Communist behavior is no longer contradictory, but uncannily fits the profile of a programmed operative whose post-assassination elimination while in police custody was foreshadowed in a CIA memo.

In addition to serving as a warning to us today, the "Manchurian candidate" theory of the JFK assassination eliminates long-standing difficulties for researchers pursuing the historic case. It also provides common ground for those who claim that Oswald pulled the trigger, and those who claim he was used as a "fall-guy" for the CIA to take the blame for its crime.

Written for the assassination expert and novice alike, The Perfect Assassin offers a provocative theory that will stimulate discussion and, it is the author's hope, create a framework to settle the issue once and for all.

The Perfect Assassin
ISBN 1-4033-6336-6


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