Cashmere Hair Extensions Go Head to Head with the "Sharks" on the ABC TV Show "Shark Tank"

The girls of Cashmere Hair Extensions stand in front of the "Sharks" to see if they will take a bite of their company. Only way to know is to tune in on December 13th to see how well they swam in the Shark tank.

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Hair is a woman's most powerful display of beauty

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) December 04, 2013

On December 13, see the girls from Cashmere Hair on ABC’s Shark Tank, pitching their business to get the "sharks" to take a bite of their clip-in hair extensions line.

The two owners, Melissa Barone and Rachel Bernstein of, face rapid-fire questions and demonstrate quick thinking for the judges.

Cashmere Hair Beverly Hills is a high end clip-in extensions line of 100% remy human hair. Melissa and Rachel spent years researching the absolute best hair, waving style and clips to present the highest quality before opening their online store’s "doors" in April of this year. Melissa is a Celebrity Hair Stylist in Beverly Hills, and Rachel is a Makeup Artist & Model in Hollywood. Melissa & Rachel always dreamed of fuller, longer, luxurious hair, and began making their own clip-in hair extensions for photoshoots and clients. Receiving so many questions and compliments about their hair, they then decided it was time to share their secret with the world.

Using only social media and word of mouth to promote their online store,, they already have a strong legion of followers and converted loyalists by providing the highest-quality hair extensions.



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Owners of Cashmere Hair Clip in Extensions

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Owners of Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions

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Owners of Clip In Hair Extensions line,