Pipelinersales Releases Study from Baylor University - CRM: Empowering the Sales Force

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Over reliance on technology itself rather than an overall CRM strategy cited as barrier to success.

Pipelinersales Inc. released today a case study from Baylor University entitled, CRM: Empowering the Sales Force. The study shows how one of the main reasons CRM fails is an over reliance on the technology itself rather than an overall CRM strategy. This case study details how Juniper Systems, Inc. and Integrated Systems, Inc. utilized Pipeliner CRM for their customer-centric CRM strategies.

Pipeliner CRM is built on a strategy and philosophy of empowerment of salespeople. In a practical application of this thinking, Pipelinersales Inc., is here to empower individual salespeople and return to them their entrepreneurial spirit. The CEO of Pipelinersales Nikolaus Kimla stated, "The Pipeliner CRM tool is more than an application; it stands for a principle. An entrepreneur’s task is to create knowledge and seek out opportunities for profits—in other words, to utilize the advantages that come from information. Salespeople are individuals who think and act as entrepreneurs, who take personal responsibility in freely shaping economic events."

Dr. Jeff Tanner Executive Director, Baylor Business Collaboratory, stated: "This case study is an example of the collaboration possible between forward-thinking businesses and academia. Our research nearly ten years ago identified the tension between technology to control salespeople and technology to empower them. Pipeliner clearly works to empower salespeople. The case study gave us a great opportunity to document that empowerment."

Because the sales force at Juniper Systems has a customer-centric mindset and strategy, Pipeliner was employed to empower the sales force to perform even better on the customer service standards. For Juniper Systems, one of the main objectives in implementing Pipeliner was for was visibility. Visibility makes work easier, more effective, and more time efficient resulting in better client relationships. With visibility of customer accounts, salespeople are more responsive, more aware and able to meet the client’s actual needs and wants. A salesperson can be greatly empowered if client information is readily available and organized. After the implementation of the Pipeliner software, the customer service component of its business model has been taken care of automatically increasing company growth.

For Integrated Systems, they saw their customer service suffering from a chaotic system of unstandardized reports and manual recording processes so the team decided to implement Pipeliner to help sales management. For ISI, implementation of Pipeliner improved project organization through common data definitions that enable the creation of a central dashboard. The dashboards now allow everyone, from salesperson to senior management, to see everything in one place in the same way. The visibility and organization created by the dashboard greatly increased efficiency and coordination between individuals and groups working with the same client.

Both Juniper and Integrated system had an overall CRM strategy that was coupled with Pipeliner to improve overall efficiency and empower their sales force.

The study concludes, "CRM’s potential to ease the workload, allow for management organization, make the business more efficient and empower sales representatives to better connect with the customer can change the selling landscape. When a customer centric strategy is coupled with tools found in CRM software the benefits to the consumers, sales reps and the firm overall are significant. Equipping and empowering a salesperson to better build and maintain a relationship is critical; CRM is a powerful tool to achieve effective customer relationships."

Pipelinersales is revolutionizing the marketplace with not only an exceptional CRM solution, but training and education to help salespeople sell smarter.

For more information on Pipeliner sales CRM software please visit: http://www.pipelinersales.com/ or read our blog at: blog.pipelinersales.com. Follow our discussions on Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter.

To download the complete case study please goes to: http://blog.pipelinersales.com/pipeliner/case-study/how-to-use-crm-to-empower-your-sales-force/.

About Nikolaus Kimla

Nikolaus Kimla is the founder and managing partner of Pipelinersales, Inc. and the creator of Pipeliner CRM. Kimla is also the initiator of the independent economic platform GO AHEAD! which is based on the principles of free market economy. He is the author of Salespeople Embracing It All: The IT Revolution and Empty Coffers--New Burdens. For more information on Nikolaus Kimla: http://www.nikolauskimla.com.

About Pipelinersales Inc.

More than 19 years ago, Nikolaus Kimla set the foundation for Pipeliner’s future with his company uptime IT-Technologies Inc. The creation of Pipeliner CRM initiated in 2007 and has been steadily developed through intense research. Pipeliner is next-generation sales CRM software designed to empower sales teams and grow profitable customer relationships. Pipeliner CRM provides new ways to look at—and to interact with—an active sales pipeline. It brings the power of sales data back to salespeople, and makes managing complex sales easy and fun.

About the Baylor Business Collaboratory

A "collaboratory" is a mash-­‐up of collaborative laboratory – an arrangement through which businesses and Baylor business faculty work together developing solutions to market challenges through innovative research. The Baylor Business Collaboratory partners include Cabela’s, HEB, BancVue, and affiliates such as data warehousing leader Teradata. Key research questions sponsored and developed in conjunction with industry executives, analysts and others include to date:

  •     How to grow revenue and transactions without discounting.
  •     Identifying which marketing actions, channels and programs really drive revenue, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.
  •     Gathering, analyzing, interpreting, and applying "Big Data" to business problems.

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