PreacherHead Ministries Seeks to Help the Poor in Spirit in Zimbabwe

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A growing number of Zimbabweans have been drawn to the teachings of PreacherHead Ministries, and have invited Pastor Steve back to continue teaching and assisting congregants in the Word of God, and in meeting life's essentials, such as food clothing and shelter.

The people in Zimbabwe are in need of day-to-day living essentials, and we are asking people to give to this project to help us in any way they can financially, and with prayer, we certainly appreciate any kind of support.

A US Pastor is set to return to Zimbabwe to assist the less fortunate citizens of the nation’s capital, Harare, to receive life amenities, and to teach citizens in the Bible. The pastor is Pastor Stevie Robinson of Preacher Head Ministries Inc., and this will be his third trip to Zimbabwe where he has been assisting with improving living conditions, teaching the Bible, and baptising souls into the church of God. PreacherHead Ministries is a non-denominational faith based organization that primarily focuses its ministry online. They also believe the body of Christ does not have international borders, and all people need to hear and learn the Words of God as told in the scriptures.

In a news article released in June 2012 by the New Zimbabwe (News publication - see article, according to the article (see link left), President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, "lashed out at preachers" in Zimbabwe who erroneously teach the Word of God for hire. This is one of the reasons why the people who Pastor Steve has ministered to in Zimbabwe in the past, are literally begging his return to continue on with the ministry teaching the words of God. Preacher Head Ministries teaches the keeping of God’s commandments, the testimony of Jesus Christ, and the vital importance of charity towards each other, especially the body of Christ.

“The people in Zimbabwe are in need of day-to-day living essentials, and we are asking people to give to this project to help us in any way they can financially, and with prayer, we certainly appreciate any kind of support,” Pastor Steve comments. He goes on to say, “While our Zimbabwe family enjoy the clothing, food, and life skills we provide to sustain them today, they are more enthused about our Bible study classes.”

Pastor Steve, as he is called by Zimbabwe congregants, strongly vocalizes that the key is charity. It is what drove him to get up nearly 8 years ago, get on a plane to a country he has never been to and knew anything about, to plant the seeds of a now blossoming ministry in Zimbabwe. One of the biggest messages taught at PreacherHead Ministries, is the message of charity.

“It is so important to have charity. It is the reason why God gave us the laws and commandments, and why God sent His Son to the earth for us. It is so we can understand Charity! We believe that charity goes a very long way and that is why we are doing what we are doing in Zimbabwe.”

Pastor Steve who currently takes no salary in this work has been doing much of this work at his own expense (including taking time off from work). He feels God has blessed him to do this and said he would feel more comfortable and better telling God one day that he took off his secular job, to do the job in the Church body, than to say he avoided doing God’s job so he can do his own worldly job.

PreacherHead Ministries is seeking and accepting financial support for the continued work in the ministry to Zimbabwe. Pastor Steve says, “If the Spirit moves you to support us, we thank you and God bless you!”

With Preacher Head Ministries returning to Zimbabwe, they intend to (indirectly) assist President Mugabe against pastors who erroneously teach the Word of God for hire in the name of God, and they plan to do this by simply teaching the Bible and giving to the people. This ministry will also help a lot of people with basic life amenities in a country plagued by poor economics.

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Preacherhead Ministries, Inc. is a faith-based non-profit organization whose mission is to promote Biblical teachings worldwide. To apply those principles by charitable acts of feeding and clothing the poor and needy both physically and spiritually.

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