Black Friday TV Deals 2013 | Cyber Monday TV Deals 2013

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The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday TV Deals 2013

Black Friday TV deals and Cyber Monday deals 2013 are on the horizon and the financial savings are immense. In many situations an individual can buy several exceptional televisions for the price of what a person would pay for one quality large screen television at other times throughout the year.

Black Friday 2013 is on November 29, 2013 and is the day after Thanksgiving. On this day the shopping malls and stores will be filled to capacity with shoppers who will buy all the electronics they can afford as stores reduce the price of televisions by up to 30% or more. This is the day of in-store specials. Cyber Monday is the day of online sales and it takes place on December 2, 2013. Anyone who does not want to go to the store to make their purchase can do so from their computer.

For the shrewd shopper who is in the market for televisions for both themselves and their families it would be a very intelligent move to schedule in store electronic shopping trips for black Friday to buy their televisions or take the day off on Monday December 2 and buy a television through the Internet from your home computer.

There are a large number of excellent cost saving sales that will be available on these two days but the LED television purchases that are truly exceptional and are worthy of description as hot deals are the 39” Insignia NS-39D40SNA14 LED1080p LED HDTV, the 40” Samsung UN40EH5300 60Hz 1080p Smart LED HDTV, the 50” Element 1080p LED HDTV and the Vizio 60” 120HZ 1080P Smart LED HDTV. The purchase of any one of these televisions will provide a buyer with huge savings that will make one smile every time they turn on the television to watch one of their favourite programs.

1) 39” Insignia NS-39D40SNA14 LED1080p LED HDTV
Store: Best Buy
Price: $170
This LED HDTV can be purchased at Best Buy for $170. This is almost the equivalent of giving this television away for free because it is almost inconceivable to sell a television of this quality for less than $200. A good pair of basketball shoes will cost more money than what it will cost to buy a high quality television on Black Friday.

2) 40” Samsung UN40EH5300 60Hz 1080p Smart LED HDTV
Store: Walmart
Price: $397
This large sized LED HDTV is being sold at Walmart for just under $400 which is the lowest price for which this television has ever been sold. The possibility of being able to purchase a television from one of the top television manufactures for this very affordable price will result in this television becoming one of the best sellers as soon as the doors to Walmart open on Black Friday and will result in many cyber Monday deals 2013. A 40” LED HDTV for this price is the type of deal for which Black Friday is known and is ample motivation for an individual to reward themselves or their family with a new television. The purchase of this television represents a great purchase but it actually might be beat by the offer of a 50” Element 1080p LED HDTV found at Target store.

3) 50” Element 1080p LED HDTV
Store: Target
Price: $229
This television is an exceptional purchase for the black Friday shopper as the price of this 50” LED HDTV is almost $400 less than its normal price. This type of financial saving is so large that a person could buy a second smaller 39” television during black Friday for $170 as mentioned above and still have money left in their wallet. The 50” television according to the consumer experts is the most popular size television and it will be available at a lower price than some 40” television. This is a deal that defies belief but it is one that the savvy shopper will not let pass them by on black Friday.

4) Vizio 60” 120 Hz 1080p Razor LED Smart HDTV
Store: Walmart
Price: $688
An LED Smart HDTV with a big screen at a price that will be less expensive than the LED HDTV’s available throughout the year. This television will appeal to the shopper who has always wanted a big screen television but was never able to justify the cost. With the price being so low this television is too affordable for the big screen television shopper to pass up.

The aforementioned LED televisions are not the only exceptional deals available on black Friday. There are three other LCD Televisions that are worthy of consideration on this exceptional day of shopping and earn inclusion under the designation “hot deals”: The 40” 1080p Element LCD HDTV, The 55” 1080p LCD HDTV and the 55” 3D LCD HDTV.

The LCD HDTV was considered one of the best televisions on the market for its size and image quality and this year the appeal of these televisions will be the incredible drop in price as stores are prepared to drop the price by almost 30% which provides an extraordinary savings to a shopper.

The 40” 1080p Element LCD HDTV will be available at Walmart for the ridiculously low price of $178. The prospect of such a price for this television will ensure that they will quickly be sold off within the early hours of Black Friday.

The cost of the 55” 1080p LCD HDTV television will be approximately $430 which is a very low price for a television of this superb quality. However, the best sellers on black Friday will likely be the 55” 3D LCD HDTVs that are being made available from leading TV manufacturers Samsung and LG for approximately $425.

These LCD 3D HDTV televisions provide consumers an upgrade in viewing quality over the recent LCD HDTV televisions and they are actually being sold for a slightly lower price.

The television deals that can be acquired on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are so exceptional that they are worth an individual taking the day off to make a desired purchase. Whether your goal is to upgrade the televisions that you have at your home or you are buying televisions to help provide your child who has recently graduated from college or university with their first big screen television, it is an undeniable fact that the price you pay on this day will be significantly lower than any other day of the year.

If you are looking for a quality television at a very affordable price than it is imperative that you consider purchasing one of the aforementioned hot deals listed above and in particular, the LCD 3D HDTV televisions on black Friday or Cyber Monday. Get price and more info at

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