Integrity Health Coaching Solutions Releases New EZ Coach System Upgrade

Integrity Health Coaching Solutions announces new upgrade to their EZ Coach Fitness Prescription System.

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If the health care system isn't changed to address some of the behavioral causes of why many of us are sick we will never be able to treat those who really need medical attention.

Manchester, New Hampshire (PRWEB) November 25, 2013

Integrity Health Coaching Solutions has recently upgraded its EZ Coach Fitness Prescription System to facilitate more medical practitioners and health care providers. With the increasing demand to deliver health care at a cost Integrity has made some changes in the system that incorporate metrics that show health improvement.

We know that proper exercise and nutrition plays a critical role in the health outcomes of many of the conditions faced with health care. The challenge is quite a task. Rocco Boulay, exercise physiologist and Integrity CEO states; "If the health care system isn't modified to address some of the behavioral causes of why people are sick we will never be able to treat those who really need medical attention."

It's true, over 64% of our nations ills are a direct or indirect result of poor behaviors. Lack of exercise, poor foods and smoking are bad but there is not enough emphasis on prevention. We make excuses or put off our health for the sake of something we claim is more important. This thought process is wired into our behavior.

The EZ Coach Fitness Prescription System is designed to facilitate those who need that extra behavioral assistance. It also allows personal trainers, health coaches, doctors and nurses the tools to provide individuals with a complete fitness prescription to guide their clients back to vibrant health. What makes EZ Coach so unique is how fast and accurate a person can be provided a healthy, cost effective solution to regaining their health.

The EZ Coach fitness prescription provides the exercise and nutrition guidance that takes the clients current fitness level into consideration so their starting point is safe and the exercise is effective. The update to the EZ Coach system now provides medical practitioners with follow-up metrics to track each persons' health progress.

The EZ Coach System facilitates the practitioner to see results over a period of time. Metrics such as; blood pressure, resting heart rate, body composition and weight, were standard with the earlier version of the program. The latest update to the EZ Coach System allows for tracking some more medically based metrics to allow medical professionals to see what is changing on the inside while treating patients via wellness prescription.

Metrics such as C-Reactive Protein, a protein made by the liver and found in the blood when the body becomes inflamed are tracked. Blood glucose metrics, HbA1c, fasting blood sugars and IRM (Insulin Resistance Markers), and blood lipid profiles including LDL / HDL, Total cholesterol and triglycerides are also tracked. These health markers can be checked periodically insuring the patients are staying on track with their doctor prescribed wellness prescriptions.

Today the Accountable Care Act is the main topic in the news. As the health care industry sorts this tangled mess, out there is a system that provides a solution to many of the behavioral causes of illness, the EZ Coach Fitness Prescription System.

If you'd like to know more about the EZ Coach Fitness Prescription System as a practitioner or to find a practitioner in your area please contact Integrity Health Coaching at 855-550-2348.