New DIY Glass Protection Film Kit Protects Memorabilia from Up to 99% of the Sun’s Damaging Ultraviolet Rays While Defending Against the Common Criminal

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ShatterGARD Glass Protection Films Inc, a division of Global Security Experts, is pleased to announce the newest product to their line of security and safety window films, the AutographGARD Do-It-Yourself Film Kit. The innovative do-it-yourself glass protection film not only defends against repeated blows by a criminal, it also diminishes light and sun damage caused by Ultraviolet rays.

Most collectors will spend a lot of money on a glass display case to exhibit their memorabilia. AutographGARD adds an extra layer of protection to glass display cases, protecting possessions within a case from up to 99% of ultraviolet rays.

Global Security Experts is proud to announce the introduction of a new memorabilia preservation product, which will be available online soon, to their line of state-of-the-art home security solutions. AutographGARD is a do-it-yourself ultraviolet rejection and glass protection film kit specifically designed to allow collectors and retailers to preserve prized possessions within glass showcases.

AutographGARD protects valuables in two different ways: it protects memorabilia from damaging ultraviolet rays, while also providing security against thieves and burglars.

Applied directly to the interior side of the display case glass, AutographGARD ™ works like an invisible coat of armor, strengthening the weakest security link–the glass. AutographGARD ™ can withstand attacks from weapons such as a baseball bat, flying rocks, or even a brick. While a criminal may muster enough force to shatter the window, it will require repeated (and attention getting) blows to penetrate the virtually indestructible film.

Although invisible to the human eye, both sun and florescent light can emit ultraviolet rays which can be almost as damaging to the value of memorabilia within display cases as a burglar or thief could be. The harmful light rays are found to be the largest cause of damage to paintings, photographs, autographed collectables, leather, paper and a wide variety of other surfaces.

AutographGARD film, when applied to the glass panels of a show case, ensures that an item will maintain its appearance and will significantly reduce sun damage over time. Signatures or autographs on memorabilia will not fade with the use of AutographGARD on the glass panels of a display case.

The AutographGARD Do-It-Yourself Kit is available in various self- adhesive roll sizes. AutographGARD is ideal for use in retail, home, and museum display cases. The optically clear film applies directly to any smooth glass surface, protecting memorabilia and valued articles inside a showcase from Ultraviolet damage, which could potentially render a costly item worthless.

“Collecting memorabilia and autographed items can be fun as a hobby, but it is not uncommon for many to find those items to be very valuable, even priceless. If you are going to spend time and money on finding treasured collectables, it only makes sense to spend money to preserve them,” said Jordan Frankel, founder of Global Security Experts and known worldwide as the Security Sensei. “Most collectors will spend a lot of money on a glass display case to exhibit their memorabilia. AutographGARD adds an extra layer of protection to glass display cases, protecting possessions within a case from up to 99% of ultraviolet rays.”

AutographGARD film, which will be available in several sizes, is easily applied using the AutographGARD Do-It-Yourself Kit. The DIY kit is fully stocked with installation instructions and necessary installation tools.

The AutographGARD do-it-yourself kit features include:
-Customizable size selection available in several sizes to accommodate glass panels on virtually any display case.
-Installation instructions and tools to make the process seamless, from start to finish.
-Acid and alcohol free adhesive that completely adheres to glass panels without damaging them.
The new AutographGARD Do-It-Yourself Ultraviolet Rejection Film Kit is coming soon to the online shop at Other ShatterGARD products have been used to preserve valuable artifacts in museums, including the Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian Institute.

The Security Sensei is available for media interviews regarding his security training and services, along with Global Security Experts’ security products, including OnGARD, BlastGARD, AutographGARD and more.

About Global Security Experts:
For nearly two decades, Jordan Frankel has led the professionals at Global Security Experts in providing affordable, customized home security solutions for the everyday citizen. Global Security Experts offers the latest state-of-the-art security devices and physical deterrents to home invasion, as well as on-site training to families, businesses and individuals worldwide. Frankel, known as the Security Sensei, is a highly trusted authority in the field of residential security. He has completed home security makeovers and trainings for celebrities, high-profile business executives, and even a former President of the United States. Frankel and his revolutionary security have been featured on several national television shows and in news outlets throughout the country, including The Oprah Show, The Rachael Ray Show, Fox News, The Boston Herald and more. Additionally, Frankel has authored countless articles for a variety of the most respected security publications worldwide. To learn more and to find out what Global Security Experts can do for you, visit

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