EcoLight Covergence Launches HoLoLit Project

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Revolutionary Holographic Technology: Harnessing the Power of Light

EcoLight Convergence LLC, with offices in Tucson, AZ and Greenwich, CT, introduces HoLoLit, the world's first LED-based lighting system to employ its unique holographic technology. The company's technical team is considered among the best in the world of optics and holograms. This revolutionary patent-pending breakthrough will forever alter the way we manipulate light, and holds far reaching energy-saving implications not only for LED lighting, but also for thermal and solar power.

HoLoLit uses holograms to interface with ambient light sources and deliver lumens at one-third less the cost of conventional LED fixtures, and consume even less energy. Its proprietary design replaces existing incandescent, fluorescent and standard LED devices, that all use light bulbs as the primary energy source. HoLoLit's new light delivery system requires no bulbs or other expensive optical components, such as lenses, mirrors or reflectors. Fewer parts provide more eco-friendly benefits and translate into reduced manufacturing and maintenance costs. HoLoLit enables superior control of any light source, and distributes a softer white light than current LED bulbs. An advanced version of this leading-edge design is expected to improve the mood of any space through full color spectrum selections, of particular interest to hospitals, schools, hotels, wellness centers and homes.

Lighting is now a $100 billion industry and consumes nearly 25% of all electricity generated worldwide. By the year 2020, about 75% of lighting systems are expected to be LED based, as they have proven to reduce energy consumption dramatically. Our holographic technologies, as applied to HoLoLit, will reduce energy usage even further.

Additional applications of this holographic technology under development by the company include stand-alone indoor/outdoor LED-based lighting systems; roof photovoltaic skylights and panels; non-parabolic thermal heating systems ; and fully-transparent hybrid windows that will generate heat and electricity simultaneously.

The company's ultimate goal is to deliver many applications based on its unique technologies. For example, a recently designed “convergence kiosk” will allow one-quarter of the world's population, over 1.5 billion people, not connected to any electricity grid, to join the 21st century by providing access to medical, dental, virtual educational services, power charging, water purification, and 24/7 refrigeration through a self-sustaining unit.

For more information on the Kickstarter campaign and on how to participate in the company's future mission, log onto, or refer to its website at

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