AC Man of Houston Announces New Indoor Air Quality Testing Services

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Services Can Improve Air Quality for Better Health

The air inside a home can be far more polluted than the air outside. There are many sources of indoor air pollution, and poor ventilation in homes causes that pollution to become trapped inside. In addition to obvious pollutants like cigarette smoke, building materials can release gases, cleaning products can have dangerous fumes, and some contaminants are dragged in on clothing and shoes. To help homeowners fight the ill effects of pollutants in the home and improve indoor air quality, AC Man of Houston is now offering indoor air quality testing and treatment services.

People say that they love the smell of new cars, carpets or furniture. Unfortunately, that “new” smell that assures people they’re the first owner of an item is actually the result of gases being released from the product. These gases include dangerous volatile organic compounds, and they’re not healthy. They’re also found in everything from new building materials to furniture and even some home accessories. Other sources of contamination inside the home are cleaning agents that give off fumes, allergens that drift in when the door is opened, and contaminants that enter on clothing and shoes after the family’s been outside.

The best way to clean the air is to open the windows on a nice day and let the air circulate. While some allergens will still drift in, the stale, contaminated air inside the home will be pushed out. However, the weather isn’t always conducive to opening the windows and letting the home air out naturally. This is where AC Man of Houston can provide assistance.

AC Man of Houston starts by testing the air to determine what the current air quality is. They can see what’s in the air and then develop an effective treatment plan. There may be some rooms that are more contaminated than others, or there could be underlying problems like mold or asbestos that need to be addressed. Once there’s a clear picture of the current condition, the best solution can be outlined.

With an accurate picture of the home’s air quality, the next step is to choose a solution. AC Man of Houston now offers air filters that hook into the whole-house system and clean the air throughout the home. They condition the air, remove allergens and make it easier to breathe. They can also be added to existing systems, or they can be installed along with new HVAC units. AC Man of Houston is dedicated to improving the comfort levels inside homes throughout Houston. In addition to quality heating and cooling systems, they also offer air cleaners that will improve the air quality and make it easier to breathe.

AC Man of Houston is the number one choice for air service in the greater Houston region. A certified American Standard Dealer, they offer energy efficient air conditioning and heating systems. They carry a full range of services, including dehumidifiers, air cleaners and HVAC systems. Homeowners throughout Houston can call the company today at 713-481-5427 to learn more about their products and services.

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