After 37 Years of Experience Helping Raise Performance for Multinational Firms in Japan, Midas Company Limited is Set to Reach Goal for Hong Kong this Fiscal Year

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With Hong Kong operations up and running, Midas is on track to reach its project number goals for this fiscal year. Many Japan branch offices designed by Midas became the global standard for multinational firms’ offices worldwide, and the company sees a similar interest in the "Midas" touch as their project numbers increase on-site in Hong Kong.

“We understand that management around the world looks for high quality in every respect. We try to offer cutting edge solutions where the finished product features office quality, cost quality, schedule quality and of course extremely efficient usability"

Midas Office Design (HK) Limited opened doors in 2012 to support Hong Kong firms looking to utilize high-value office space in the most efficient manner possible.

On-site support from the expert Midas team

Mr. Hirotake Hayashi, head of Business Development for Midas Office Design (HK) Limited is based in Hong Kong to support clients directly with quick response and expert advice.

“Global firms want the same quality when their offices are complete, no matter where the office is located. I like to be available here in Hong Kong to help our clients face-to-face and to provide that extra bit of flexibility so necessary when facility managers and CEOs take the step to open a new office or re-furbish an existing space. Lease rates in Hong Kong are higher than in Japan and the supply of office space is not unlimited. This makes management eager to use space as efficiently as possible while still maintain high employee satisfaction and the ability to retain excellent staff”, states Hayashi.

Midas itself underwent a transformation this January when it completed a total overhaul of its head office in Tokyo. Focusing on communication and cohesiveness, the Midas head office is centered on a huge wooden gathering table where staff easily interact, share ideas and collaborate. Other features include a flexible meeting area that uses pull-down blinds to separate divide space as required or to open fully into a large Forum hall where meetings and receptions are held for up to 70 participants.

As work style changes and spontaneous communication and flexibility becomes the key to hatching new ideas and high employee motivation, Midas revamped the head office to better utilize every sq. meter. Now, as Midas hires more staff or holds more receptions and seminars for guests, the space is a flexible tool that is easily re-structured to meet changing personnel and event requirements.

“Factors in Hong Kong such as high rent rates and extensive mobile infrastructure make the Midas concept for new thinking about how office space can be utilized for increased motivation, higher employee retention and procurement of excellent staff, a welcome concept for managers and facility heads looking for a new approach. We’ve been honored to work on ten projects over the last year as we help firms utilize their space in Hong Kong to the utmost potential. We will continue to do our best to leverage our experience with multinational firms in Japan to provide excellent ideas as solutions to the challenges leaders face in this dynamic economic environment”, adds Hayashi.

Midas aims to help firms express their new global culture with keen attention to each firm's unique challenges and goals.

Midas spent the last 37 years bridging culture and business style divides for multinational firms in Japan. After such a long history of helping international firms set up and maintain their unique brand image in Japan as well as assisting Japanese firms evolve their offices into a mix of culture and style that reflects a new and more globalized culture, Midas saw the same need for a new and global approach for office space around the world.

“We understand that management around the world looks for high quality in every respect. We try to offer cutting edge solutions where the finished product features office quality, cost quality, schedule quality and of course extremely efficient usability for company employees and valued clients,” states Hayashi.

Excellent infrastructure can be a perfect base for office efficiency

Hayashi continues, “Hong Kong’s fantastic infrastructure in terms of free Wi-Fi service almost everywhere and the fact most people are comfortable with mobile handsets as a convenient and inexpensive communication tool, is the perfect base for raised efficiency and flexibility in the office. The mobility enjoyed outside the office can be translated directly inside to achieve even better work flexibility and results.,”

Cubicle-based office layouts can make growth unnecessarily expensive.

Most of the office space around the world is still cubicle-based and each separate cubicle has high partitions to maintain privacy and quiet for the individual. Midas believes, however, that management everywhere is realizing the importance of active communication and collaboration among employees as a team unit. The business world changes by the day so being aware of breaking trends and lifestyle changes through free and flexible information exchange is key to success.

Enjoying positive economic showings in 2012 and based on strong links with the rest of the world as an international financial and commercial center, Hong Kong firms are set on a path towards further growth. Recruiting will often accompany economic growth but a cubicle-style office design is not always the best way to handle personnel increase because each additional employee requires more space in the premium-priced building. By implementing a new and flexible approach to office design, firms can benefit from an extremely smart use of space. At the same time, each employee is inspired and the cutting-edge space becomes a key to attracting and retaining top-level personnel.

Japan’s bustling cities have always faced challenges of controlling expenditure without sacrificing careful attention to employee motivation and retention. This fiscal year will be a benchmark for Hong Kong operations and Midas is prepared for growing interest in their fresh, new and employee-friendly concept.

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